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SoundCloud Launches New Talk Series on Clubhouse

Aside from being a means of communication, social media has proven to be useful in other fields in life. People can use them to promote businesses and ventures. Likewise, they can use social media platforms to build a career. For instance, video content creators can use YouTube and TikTok to make a living. For aspiring musicians or music artists, SoundCloud is one of the best places to be. 

SoundCloud is a social media platform built around the consumption of user-generated audio. In SoundCloud, users can upload their music and share it with the world. It also offers a bunch of tools that can help individuals take their first step in their music careers. 

SoundCloud Launches New Talk Series on Clubhouse

Clubhouse: The Social Media App

Since its creation, SoundCloud has not stopped in finding new ways to empower independent artists. Therefore, they launched different programs like First on SoundCloud and Reposted to help them earn money for their work. Recently, they also announced new A&R partnerships with renowned producers and record labels to support emerging talents. 

As SoundCloud evolves, so does social media in general. New social media networks keep surfacing, each boasting unique features and purposes. It is not uncommon for SoundCloud to utilize other platforms to accomplish its goals. Now, it has announced plans to launch a weekly talk series on the new platform called Clubhouse.

Clubhouse is a relatively new IOS and Android social media app. It is an invite-only platform that allows users to have conversations in voice chat rooms that can accommodate thousands of people. You can compare these conversations to podcasts, but here, the listeners can also talk. 

The aspect that makes the app excellent and controversial at the same time is the privacy of the conversations. The app prevents them from being recorded, transcribed, reproduced, or shared without explicit permission. 

SoundCloud's Weekly Artist Event

Regardless of the issues concerning it, it highlighted that there is a need for a platform like this. Some people don't like showing their faces on the internet, especially when they are participating in public conversations. So, they shy away from video conferences. However, the same set of people want to contribute to the discussion. They can do that through chats and comment sections on live streams. But that is not as satisfying as directly saying what you want to say. This realization made other social media networks act to prevent their new competitor from taking their spot at the top. The most notable example is Twitter Spaces, which launched even before Clubhouse was released on Android.  

With or without competition, Clubhouse has proven to be an effective medium for connecting people. SoundCloud is looking forward to utilizing this discovery to provide better aid to its user base. 

As part of SoundCloud's new accelerator program, it is launching weekly artist events on Clubhouse. The events will be featuring the First on SoundCloud 2021 artists. These artists are Charmaine, Ela Minus, Kid Quill, Lourdiz, Otis Kane, Payday, Sofia Mills, and SoFaygo. The live conversations will be hosted by DJ, producer, and former MTV host Jasmine Solano.

Uploading Clubhouse Conversations on SoundCloud and Buying Plays To Boost Awareness

Clearly, this is an effort to increase visibility for these artists. The events will make people and fans learn more about them and their works. That will cause them to be the subject of conversations and thus, attract new fans. 

In the talk series, artists will invite collaborators, friends, and fans each week to join in live conversations. There, they will have the opportunity to introduce themselves while invited people can ask them questions. It will help them connect to musicians, influencers, entrepreneurs, and industry leaders. That will be beneficial for their careers. 

Furthermore, the entire conversations will be recorded and uploaded to the artists' SoundCloud profiles. So, there is no need to worry if you miss the event, people are sharing elsewhere and buying SoundCloud plays to boost and share the content on and offsite. You can still listen to all that has been said. The recordings will also be resources that record labels can use when finding prospects or new talents to raise. 

SoundCloud Launches New Talk Series on Clubhouse

With this move, SoundCloud would be able to fulfill its promise of generating long-term success for musicians. It will create “memorable, authentic, career-making moments,” which is the goal of SoundCloud's artist development experts.

“The drop-in, all-talk experience on Clubhouse, and SoundCloud's dynamic fan communities, both shape today's culture,” says Leon Sherman. He is the Director of Editorial at SoundCloud. Sherman adds that their move is merging these two influential worlds. As a result, they can go deep into the creative process and help artists build long-term career success.

Host Jasmine Solano's Opinion About The Series

SoundCloud's Clubhouse talk series kicked off last May 26. The first event starred the First on SoundCloud rapper SoFagyo. It will continue to air every Wednesday until July 21. Fans can look at the exact times for each episode on SoundCloud's social channels and the First on SoundCloud editorial platform. The schedule will be announced weekly. 

Janine Solano was so glad she was chosen as the host of the talk series. She shares her excitement and enthusiasm for the project. Janine says that she is looking forward to meeting and connecting live with these First on SoundCloud artists. After all, they represent such a diverse range of backgrounds, identities, and sounds. 

As a celebrity herself, Janine knows firsthand the importance of connecting to fans. She believes that for artists, sharing their stories will establish a stronger connection to fans. That is essential for the success of their careers. These artists now have the opportunity to do this through SoundCloud's program on Clubhouse. Janine is determined to use this opportunity to bring out the best in the First on SoundCloud artists. She aims to bring forward real and raw conversations that will help people see an accurate picture of each artist. Janine wants the fans to know what journey the artists took to be where they are at right now. Needless to say, SoundCloud shares the same sentiment. 


Of course, the artists are the most excited about this series. They are the stars, after all. So, we can expect them to give us quality time and make the experience worth it. 

SoundCloud Launches New Talk Series on Clubhouse

It is heartwarming to see how social media networks help their users. What SoundCloud is trying to achieve is more for their artists' sake than their own. That, in itself, is commendable. Let us hope for more websites like SoundCloud to be created. More importantly, let us hope for their success. 

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