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Real vs Fake SoundCloud Plays

No matter how talented you are, if your tracks on SoundCloud aren’t getting plays you might have a hard time gaining recognition. If nobody’s listening, all that talent is going to waste.

Then you look at other users’ tracks, you listen, and wonder how a terrible song could get a ton of plays. Some people are just too lucky, huh? Maybe that’s true, but maybe they’re also using a little trick – one that you could use too.

You can make your tracks look stellar too. You don’t have to wait for the right time or for fate to smile down at you to get the popularity that your music deserves.

You can buy SoundCloud plays right now and give your music a great chance at becoming popular. When people see how many plays your tracks have, they’ll naturally want to listen as well. If they like what they hear, they might even follow you.

What is a fake play, though, and what is the difference between real and fake SoundCloud plays? Keep reading to find out!

listening-to-musicImage credit: AljaTheWriter

Real vs Fake SoundCloud Plays

Real SoundCloud plays come when your tracks are listened to by authentic users, who found you through searching, browsing related tracks, recommendations from friends, or anything else like that.

The SoundCloud user who played the track is a real person, who chose to listen to your music of his or her own accord. That person might make music, or they might not.

real-soundcloud-user Image credit: Muz4Now

A fake SoundCloud play, on the other hand, is one that you buy. They come from bots, or fake profiles whose only purpose is to provide that service. When you buy plays, you can’t expect those users to actually spend money to buy your tracks, or go on to become fans.

Bought plays are only there to strengthen your social proof, making your look better and more popular.

Some fake accounts are of higher quality than others, and look basically like any regular SoundCloud user. Others, however, look pretty obviously fake.

fake-soundcloud-user Image credit: Complex

You can often spot a low-quality fake SoundCloud account or bot because they have incomplete profiles, and tend to perform the same activities over and over. They’re often missing profile pictures, they usually have no followers, and they follow a lot of people.

The thing is, both real and fake plays will affect your stats. You can buy plays to get your numbers up and change the SoundCloud landscape, giving you direct control over how popular your tracks look.

You might ask, how can buying fake plays get more people to appreciate your music, when bought plays are only either robots or people paid to click in the first place?

Good question!

Why Should You Buy SoundCloud Plays?

Simple. Your play count is a shortcut for your reputation, and an advertising of sorts that compels real people to click that play button and listen too.

If your name and work are unfamiliar to people but they see that you have plenty of plays, they will trust the wisdom of the majority and play your music as well.

50mil-elvis-fans Image credit: CrazyEgg

Science and research call this kind of conformity social proof. In this particular instance, Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) is also at play. Because so many people are listening to your music, others want to listen too – they don’t want to be the last ones to hear about the next hot artist.

Social proof is one of the things you must have if you want to make it on SoundCloud. It’s also the main benefit you’ll enjoy from buying SoundCloud plays.


Strengthens Your Social Credibility

Buying SoundCloud plays can lend you the appearance of an authority figure, a seasoned musician or a talented newcomer with a solid industry backing.

When you see those plays roll in, you'll know that your tracks will be seen as more popular, more valuable, drawing more people in to come listen.

deception-analytics-total-playsAll of which will attract more followers, more listens, more likes, more comments, and generally more interest in your music. Those bought users won’t end up buying your music, but buying SoundCloud plays will result in a stronger SoundCloud presence.

Get Agencies Interested

Let’s face it, with all the talented artists out there, it will be difficult to get noticed.

A ton of plays on your tracks, however, could be just the ticket you need to catch their eye.  When you do, you might just get your first live booking.

Complement Your Organic Marketing Efforts

Are you already promoting your music on your other social media channels? Then you’ll amplify the results of your efforts by buying SoundCloud plays.

The effect of bought plays on your profile is substantial, but together with an organic marketing campaign, it’ll be much more powerful.


The Plays Are Often Untargeted

You usually won’t be able to control and target demographics like age, gender, and others. You also won’t be able to pick the area where you want your plays to come from.

In some cases you may be able to find providers who offer these targeting services, but it’s not very typical.

Not A Popularly-Accepted Marketing Tactic

A lot of people buy SoundCloud plays and other signals of social media engagement, but nobody will admit to it. It’s best to keep mum about it should you decide to buy. Also, look for a provider that will protect your privacy.

Scammers Abound On The Net

This makes buying SoundCloud plays tricky. This is also the reason why many would warn you against buying plays.

However, if you buy from a reputable company, like the ones on our site, there shouldn’t be any problem and buying plays would go very smoothly for you.

Where To Buy SoundCloud Plays

Beware of fly-by-night sellers and flat-out scammers. Do a little research and read reviews like ours before picking your SoundCloud play provider.

Ask recommendations from friends you trust and don’t settle for the first provider you find. You’ll be happy you did when you wind up with high-quality social media services, from companies who actually care about your reputation.

You Will Be Popular!

Take control of your SoundCloud plays now. Open doors and possibilities for your musical career by buying SoundCloud plays and giving your tracks a headstart in popularity.

Don’t leave it to luck and chance. Instead, augment your marketing efforts with quality plays from quality providers, and consider buying other signals of social engagement too, like followers or comments.

The many benefits that you’ll reap will be fuel for your success!

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Date: February 14, 2017 / Categories: SoundCloud Plays, Tips, / Author: Chell



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