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A Quick Tip for New SoundCloud Artists

Expanding your follower base on any social media platform is very challenging, especially when you focus on getting high quality followers. For well-known and established bands, of course, this isn’t much of a problem since they already have a solid fan base offline. They can easily convert these people into online followers.

It’s a different story for those who are new to the music scene. You need to go all out in your marketing efforts to promote your SoundCloud music, and even then, it can still be difficult to build a follower base since you are practically unknown. When you do start gaining followers, there’s also the challenge of making it consistent and keeping it from diminishing.

Buy SoundCloud followers

Making music may come easily for you because you are an artist and it’s what you love to do. Getting people to listen to your music, however, is another thing. Sure, your family and friends will undoubtedly listen to it and follow you when you send them your SoundCloud profile. The question is, how do you convince total strangers that your music is worth their time?

First, it’s important to understand how their minds work, specifically the way they respond to already well-known brands or musicians. Here’s what I have deduced after years of helping people increase their follower base:

  • People are naturally attracted to things they deem to be popular.
  • The number of SoundCloud followers is one of the signs of popularity.
  • The more SoundCloud followers you have, the more people will think that you’re good, and the more likely they’ll play your tracks and follow you.

The last part also depends on the quality of your music. If people like it, then they’ll follow you and keep playing your tracks. If they don’t, then there’s nothing you can do even when you uy thousands of followers. The only course of action in this case is to improve your music. Here’s a video of top artists and music producers giving tips on creating great music:

Buy SoundCloud plays

Followers make your SoundCloud profile look popular, but it’s also important for your track’s play count to compliment the number of your followers. What I’m saying is that it’s not enough to buy SoundCloud followers because people will also look at the number of plays your SoundCloud track has. Given two tracks in the same genre, which would you listen to first? The track with 500 plays, or the track with 500,000 plays? Most people will go for the track with more plays since SoundCloud plays boost your profile and can make your music appear more interesting and play-worthy.

When you buy SoundCloud followers and plays, however, you have to make sure that you’re getting the services from a trustworthy provider and that the followers and plays are of high quality. High quality followers are accounts that are by real people, and not bots.

Benefits of buying SoundCloud followers and plays

We have now established that buying SoundCloud followers and plays will make your profile look successful, and people will be attracted to it. With a little budget, you can be on your way to having a great music career. Here are some of the benefits you can get when you buy SoundCloud followers:

  • Social proof: These days, people look for social proof before they can trust a brand or product. This is true in the music industry too. Music lovers need other people to tell them that a track or an artist is good before they try it for themselves. If you buy followers and plays, you already have the social proof that tells people you are worth their time.
  • Attract more listeners: Coupled with great music, the number of your followers and plays will attract more listeners and more followers. The next time you upload a track, there’s no doubt that these followers will listen to it if they liked the other tracks.
  • Get noticed by record labels: One of the greatest dreams of every music artist is to be able to continue making music without having to worry about where to find the money to pay the bills and put food on the table. Signing with a record label helps them achieve this dream since the contract can be worth millions of dollars. This was exactly the sentiment of Two Feet, who was noticed by several record labels after uploading a track on SoundCloud.

There are several providers of high quality SoundCloud followers, and the most important thing to do before choosing one is to research the provider and find out if they can give you what you need. You can read user reviews and try out their free plans if available.

Date: June 22, 2019 / Categories: Tips, / Author: Rich Drees


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