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Buying SoundCloud Followers: Why You Shouldn’t Buy Fake Ones

Buying SoundCloud followers to boost a music artist’s social proof and overall music career has become a norm. DJs, artists, and producers are doing it as part of their digital marketing strategy, as well as politicians, Internet personalities, and athletes. The reason why people do it is because it’s truly effective although controversial.

It all comes down to the choice of service provider. There are hundreds of them online, and every single one of them is claiming to offer authentic followers, likes, plays, reposts, and comments. Sadly, only a few of these providers are telling the truth, and as someone who needs their services, it’s your job to find out which providers to go for, and which ones to stay away from.

How to identify fake followers

People who want to establish their online presence by buying SoundCloud followers often don’t know that what they’re getting are actually fake or automated accounts. Here are ways you can tell if a SoundCloud service provider delivers fake followers and avoid getting scammed:

  • They claim to have zero drops: A company that offers no drop in the number of their followers is kidding themselves and their clients. If the followers are real, drops are inevitable because people can always choose to unfollow. However, if the followers are fake, then drops will only happen if the platform does a purge, which will not be good for your account. A good provider does not guarantee against drops, but instead they will have a replacement guarantee to replace any number of drops within a specific period of time.
  • They guarantee that the followers will engage with you: No provider can control the actions of the followers that they deliver, if indeed they are real. The followers can either engage with you or not. It’s ultimately their call. Companies that promise engagement are only doing lip service so they can convince you to buy from them.
  • They have more negative user feedback than positive ones: Providers can make all the promises and claims, and you can choose to believe them or not. However, the biggest testimony to a provider’s service quality are the user feedback and reviews. Take time to read reviews to learn about the experiences of other people with a company.
  • The followers’ profiles are empty: The account has a profile picture, but other than that it’s empty. They have no followers but are following thousands of accounts. These are the most obvious signs that the followers are fake. Some providers only look for a name and a picture, and create a profile on SoundCloud. They then sell it to countless artists, racking up thousands of dollars in the process.

In order to tell if a provider’s followers are fake, the bottom line is that you need to do some research. Read their terms of service and policies and read reviews. Do whatever you can to find out all about the provider before signing up.

Why you should avoid fake followers

If the goal in buying SoundCloud followers is only to make people think that you are already a success, then why should you care if the followers are real or fake? This question must be running through your mind the whole time, so I will detail four reasons why you should avoid fake followers.

  • You can get banned: Social media platforms, including SoundCloud, have ways to detect fake followers or bots. SoundCloud even encourages people to report other accounts that are suspected to have fake activities. It’s very rare for an account to be banned as there’s no way to prove who purchased the followers for the account, but there is a very small chance.
  • Follower count isn’t everything: Although having a large follower count makes you look and feel good, other performance metrics should also be given consideration. For instance, the number of plays and reposts are also important as well as the number of comments and likes.
  • Low engagement rate: Social media success is all about engagement. However, having a large number of followers who won’t like, comment, and repost your tracks will result in a very low engagement rate and that will not be beneficial to your profile. You also have to take into account your total plays, likes per play ratio, the number of comments, and other key music metrics.
  • Your reputation might suffer: Once people find out that thousands of your followers are bought, they could see you in a different light. IT hasn’t hurt a long line of influential people from the President on down, but public sentiment is a fickle thing.

You can increase your follower count the easy way by buying followers but make sure that the provider delivers authentic followers and not fake ones. As I said before, you have to read user reviews and avoid providers that have negative feedback.

Together with this tactic, you also need to create an attractive profile with professional-looking photos, upload remixes of popular songs, reach out to SoundCloud communities in your genre, and do all other things to get noticed. Creating music is one thing, but promoting it is another. Remember that SoundCloud won’t promote your music, so you have to do it on your own.

Date: June 29, 2019 / Categories: Marketing, / Author: Rich Drees


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