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How to Promote Your Music on SoundCloud

SoundCloud has become a hub for upcoming musicians to launch. However, it doesn't always use to be so. The platform was earlier used by musicians to share and review their recordings with each other. With over 50 million users on the platform, it helped a lot of people improve their track which invariably grew their statistics.

Just as Facebook and Instagram are used to market goods and gain more Customers, SoundCloud performs the same function for upcoming musicians. They are giving you a lot of tools to gain more popularity and also improve your followers base on Instagram.

Music on SoundCloud

However, if you're one of those who think SoundCloud is solely made for publishing and distributing, this article will come quite handy. Here, you will discover how to use SoundCloud to promote your music and gain more extensive reach.

Have a Marketing Plan

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. When signing up on SoundCloud, you need to define your goals and draw out an effective plan to achieve it. Every musician that wants to promote their music on this platform needs to identify their goals. For instance, do you want to gain more followers, improve plays, or get your fans to share your track on social media?

When embarking on such campaigns, as a musician, you should have some statistics in mind. You must carry out detailed research to discover what kind of music your ideal audience will like. Are your audiences young or old? Also, which Location is the majority of your audience coming from?

Because most times, having a clear goal will help you meet your audience demand and create a connection between you and your prospective listener. Jumping into promotion without figuring any of this out will most likely fail.

Creating and Optimizing Your Profile

For Newbies, you have to create an account before dreaming of promoting your song. SoundCloud provides the option for both a free and pro account. The free report, on the other hand, allows the artist to upload just 3 hours of music and also listen to music without any limitations. Using this plan, you get access to statistics on your plays as well as views on your profile.

However, if you want to gain access to all the features SoundCloud has to offer, a Pro account will be a better choice. With this account, you enjoy the freedom of uploading 6 hours of music, and additional features like enhanced analytics and been able to disable comments on your music.

The pro plan is the ideal option for people who would like to use SoundCloud to promote their music. You're given access to tools that help you determine your ideal audience: Know where they come from and the kind of track they like. This helps you plan your promotion in an orderly manner.

Secondly, signing up for an account doesn't automatically make you a hit on this platform. You need to optimize your profile and make it hard to ignore. Because whether you like it or not, your profile is the first place users visit before following you. As they say, the first impression matters a lot.

If your profile is like that of every newbie around, you will most likely struggle to meet your goals. The first thing you need to know about creating a sizzling profile is to choose a username that's unique and also easy to remember. Here, your username should be the same as your artist's name, and it should be easy to identify.

As for your profile Image, it's always advisable to pick a face rather than a logo. The image help users identify who they're following. One thing to note is that this image should be the same across all social media accounts, especially Instagram. Also, go for pictures with high-quality resolution; Preferably HD. 

Be Active

To build your fan base on social media platforms, you have to be active, posting pictures, commenting, and even following a few influencers. SoundCloud works the same way. To improve popularity, you have to join groups that suit your kind of music. 

Since the platform is filled with a host of content creators, listeners, and critics, use it to your advantage. In addition to being a creator, you can also be a listener. You are listening to other people's songs to know what's missing in yours.

However, this doesn't mean you need to follow just any content creator. Ensure the one you choose can add something to your track, and plays the same kind of music. Rather than following the “Big Dogs,” it is better to support those who are engaged with your music as these are the people who will likely share your song with their friends and followers.

Offer Free Downloads

This isn't a way of selling yourself short; instead, it helps improve your popularity. On SoundCloud, listeners are skeptical about buying a song from a new artist. You could offer free downloads for your first track as this is the best way of showing them what you've got. Also, you can include a link in any new content and also invite your fans to visit it for any update.

Consider Promotion Channels

While there are a lot of ways to promote your music on SoundCloud without paying a dime, Promotional channels are the fastest way to encourage people's music. They can be helpful for someone who's trying to find their feet on the platform. Most Promotional channels have a vast user base and can boost your reputation overnight.

However, getting noticed by them involves requires a lot of effort. However, if they recognize your talent, they will allow you to submit demos which will be played on their channel.


Creating a track without putting in immense effort to get it across to your audience will ultimately kill your career in no time. There are many more strategies on how to promote your music on SoundCloud. Try out one or two options to see which one works.

Date: October 24, 2019 / Categories: Tips, / Author: Kam R


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