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I Bought You SoundCloud Plays

So you want to buy someone else SoundCloud plays?

Buying plays for others may seem like an innocent and even generous gesture but if you don’t play your cards right, you might end up hurting someone’s career.

There are hundreds of providers of plays, but not all of them have your welfare in mind. Doing your research and carefully choosing the company you buy from can ensure that you’re not putting anyone’s name on the line.

Purchasing SoundCloud plays for someone else is fast and easy – all you really need is the link to their track. The plays you purchase are delivered anonymously so they won’t be able to tell that you are sending plays their way, if you don't tell them.

You should know that there are two main kinds of plays being sold on the market today: high quality and low quality. When it comes to purchasing plays, higher quality is always the best way to go.

These are the plays that can effectively boost an artist's social proof, while providing a long list of marketing advantages that are useful when growing their presence on the platform.

Attractively cheap plays are not always your best alternative, as far as gifting them goes. They dont look real and can do more harm than good – making them a complete waste of time. You don’t want to get someone a cheap gift do you?

Here, we’ll be discussing the most important points to keep in mind before buying, so you can make the best decision to advance their career.

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Different Kinds of Plays You Can Purchase

At some point or another, every company you come across will guarantee that they offer “high-quality plays” – but don’t be so easily fooled. While a play is a play, the source of those plays can vary widely, and that’s why you’ll find different prices from different providers.

Below, we run down the two main types of plays being sold as well as what you can expect from them.

Bottom-of-the-Barrel Low Quality Plays

These cheap plays come from a questionable source. Often, they’re sold for less than pennies per user and in huge quantities – making them the seemingly more attractive option.

Low quality plays come from low quality users – bots and profiles that are very obviously fake, with incomplete bios and no profile pics. You don’t want a lot of these users visibly attached to your account.

Many SoundCloud users are artists and musicians themselves, making them a very discerning audience. They are easily turned off by accounts that manually try to manipulate their popularity through bought efforts.

Blank profiles like these dont count for much:

low quality soundcloud followerPlays from these low quality sources serve only to bolster your play stats. If these users are also following you, it will be easy to see that you bought them. Cheap users like that tend to unfollow as well, leaving you with a fluctuating follower count.

Providers of low quality plays either dump all of them on your track at once, or send them in huge, regular increments that are easily noticeable. The delivery method alone can raise suspicion from listeners and fellow SoundCloud users, who expect to see play counts rise in a natural, organic way.

This is why it’s important that you choose your SoundCloud plays provider wisely. There are hundreds of providers out there, but doing a bit of research beforehand can prevent any sort of problem from occurring later on.

Top-of-the-Line High Quality Plays

Just as there are low quality plays out there, there are still quite a few providers who offer high quality plays. These are the plays you’d want to give someone who’s trying to make a name for themselves on SoundCloud.

High quality plays provide maximum marketing benefits, strengthening someone’s social proof without putting their name on the line. They either come from authentic users or well-generated SoundCloud bots, which are engineered to closely resemble an authentic profile as much as possible.

high quality soundcloud followerThese are the kind of plays that can help in the long-term. If you're buying followers, high quality users rarely go missing, so there is no need to worry about a fluctuating count here.

Unlike low quality plays, high quality plays are sold in realistic volumes and are priced a tad bit higher. If you ask us, the quality you get is enough to convince us that paying a little bit more is worth it (and they’re still not very expensive).

On top of the overall quality of these plays, they also come with a variety of value-adding services that help them look more authentic, like extra engagements. Providers of high quality plays also care about your peace of mind, with responsive customer support, consumer protection guarantees, and custom delivery options.

If you want to help someone make it big on SoundCloud, sending high quality plays to their tracks is the right way to do it.

High quality plays can do wonders to a musician’s career, and can even translate to success outside of the platform. Having a ton of plays on your tracks to back you up makes for a better first impression when booking gigs and talking to record labels.

What Type of Plays Should You Get?

High quality plays from reputable providers are always the right choice. These plays provide maximum marketing benefits with zero repercussions on the artist’s credibility.

Paying extra for higher quality plays is a good investment – especially if someone’s life’s work is on the line. Sure, it may seem expensive at first but if you think about it, low quality plays from obvious bots can end up hurting their career, making them worse than a complete waste of money.

High quality plays have the closest semblance to authentic plays, but come in much faster. They’re spaced out deliberately to avoid suspicion.

Choosing your provider wisely can help you avoid all these dangers. Before committing to a company, it’s important learn what you can about them. Aside from reading reviews, you can also send them pre-purchasing questions just to see how responsive and helpful they are.

Providers offer a huge range, anywhere from 5,000 up to 1,000,000 plays – the volume you choose ultimately depends on your intentions. If you intend to help someone get their career off the ground, basic packages will probably be sufficient.

Pick high quality, and you’ll end up with authentic-looking users, complete with names and profile pics:

Good soundcloud followers1,000,000 plays just seems frivolous to us – if you want to kickstart a viral campaign with that many followers, be sure to space them out very well.

Their Reputation is on the Line

When buying plays for someone else, you have to keep in mind that their digital success and reputation is on the line. Don’t do anything that can potentially damage their reputation because we’re sure they want to upload tracks they can be proud of.

Purchasing plays for someone probably won’t make or break their career, but it could have a significant effect – depending on the type of plays you purchase. As mentioned earlier, SoundCloud is a community that is heavily populated by discerning music fans and artists who can spot a phony from a mile away.

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These users can tell whether someone is beefing up their popularity on the platform through cheap, bought efforts. This can easily turn them off – leaving your friend with a dwindling credibility and following.

If you know that the person you’re buying for is serious about making it big in the music scene through SoundCloud, you’ll want to be extra careful in choosing your provider. Buying plays for someone else takes less than 20 minutes, but rebuilding a damaged reputation will take much longer.

If you think they feel strongly against purchased plays, try to discuss the benefits with them and see if they will open up to the idea. There’s no need to force it down their throat or do it secretly if it’s something they are truly not comfortable with.

Be Careful What You Gift

There’s no denying that numbers are a major influencer when it comes to social media networking sites like SoundCloud. Gifting plays to someone can put their career on the right track and help them achieve real life success that goes beyond the platform.

Educate yourself on the different options available, and learn what to avoid. This will ensure a more successful growth hacking campaign that will not put anyone’s name and credibility on the line.

Not everyone is a fan of bought plays, so before you purchase it’s a good idea to discuss it with the person you are buying for. You can also use what you learned here to educate them on the potential risks and how to do it correctly.

Bought plays and followers are much like any other product: going for the cheaper option now can cost you more than you think in the long run. Low quality providers do very little to help your track grow on SoundCloud, and can even damage your social proof.

High quality providers, on the other hand, can efficiently help people reach the top of the charts without compromising their name. With a solid amount of initial plays in place, artists can focus on creating more tracks and promoting their music to the world.

There’s more to purchasing plays for someone than you might initially think. Put a good amount of thought into the process, and figure out which provider can offer the best service for you.

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