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BuyCheapFollowersFast SoundCloud Plays Review

In a Nutshell

BuyCheapFollowersFast is only an affiliate seller of social media boosting services. Their prices are among the lowest we’ve seen on the market today.

The turnaround time was delayed and took longer than they advertised. Customer support was relatively responsive although you should expect to be passed around quite often.

If you don’t mind shelling out money for vast quantities of cheap plays, BuyCheapFollowersFast is the provider for you. If you're looking for more quality plays, however, we suggest you go with a different provider.

About the Company

BuyCheapFollowersFast is an affiliate seller of social media boosting services, meaning they help sell the services of other sites, like Fiverr and SEOClerks. They are among the most unique companies we’ve ever worked on as they do not sell nor produce the social media boosting services that they offer.

image01We were unable to get any information about BuyCheapFollowersFast as a company, but we did get our hands on some pertinent information about Fiverr, who we'll use for this review.

Fiverr is a global online marketplace where freelancers offer a wide variety of services, both digital and physical. Jobs on Fiverr are called Gigs, and they range from $5 to $500. Based in Tel Aviv, Israel, this company was founded in February, 2010.

Today, Fiverr is one of the most popular freelance marketplaces in the world. They’re huge, currently boasting over 3 million Gigs on the site – proving that they have tapped into a robust industry that continues to grow strong even today.

What Services do they Offer?

BuyCheapFollowersFast is an affiliate seller of a fairly limited number of social media services for platforms such as Twitter, Vine, Youtube, Instagram, Facebook and SoundCloud.

Fiverr, on the other hand, offers every imaginable service you could think of through the freelancers on their site.

What is their General Reputation?

They are among the cheapest providers of SoundCloud Plays. However, since they are only affiliate sellers of social media boosting services from freelancers, it is to be expected that a majority of the services they offer are fake plays, views, followers, etc.

On top of being among the cheapest, they are also one of the most unique companies we’ve seen so far. They do not sell nor produce the social media boosting services that they offer. They simply direct customers to their affiliate sellers in exchange for a commission.

The services they offer are among the cheapest in the market – with services starting at just $1 for 500 plays.

User Experience

Ease of Navigation

Navigating their website was a bit more confusing than we’d like. We were redirected a couple of times, which we found rather inconvenient. However, we initially found their website eye-catching and were particularly big fans of the streamlined design.

Available Information

Not a lot can be drawn from the content of their website, aside from generic information about the services they offer. Fiverr had more of the information we were looking for but we did have to do a little bit of digging to find answers to some of our most basic inquiries.

Ease of Reaching Customer Support

Since BuyCheapFollowersFast is only an affiliate seller, they are not equipped to handle package and service-specific questions regarding the products offered on their website. They can be reached via email provided on their website.

After a week of waiting, we did not receive a response to our questions. They note that you should contact the seller of services for specific questions – in this case, the Fiverr seller – but not responding to our general questions is plain bad service.

We also contacted the Fiverr seller with the same questions, and got a good response very quickly:fiverr customer support

Ordering Process

We found that ordering through BuyCheapFollowersFast took longer than what we are accustomed to. If you want to have an idea on how the ordering process goes, we've broken it down into 5 steps below:

1. Ordering Intent: Upon logging on to the site, you can select the package from the well-organized tabs situated at the top nav.

Buycheapfollowersfast ordering intent2. Choosing a Plan and Options: Once you have selected the type of package that you want, you can click on the button found at the bottom that says ‘More Details”. This should direct you to the Fiverr page where you can begin the ordering process.

Buycheapfollowersfast plan choiceAfter clicking the More Details button, you should be directed to the page shown above where you can see more information about the seller. There are also some details about the service to be provided:

Buycheapfollowersfast Gig infoYou can then proceed with the ordering process by clicking the green button as shown in the first screenshot. After clicking that button, you’ll be taken to a confirmation screen, where you can adjust the quantity of your order and use promo codes, if you have any.

Buycheapfollowersfast checkout page 3You can see that there’s a $1 Processing fee, which Fiverr charges on every order.

When you’re satisfied with the order, just click the green “Proceed to Payment” button and you’ll move on to payment options.

3. Choose a Payment Option: You can pay either by credit card, debit card, PayPal, or Bitcoin. If you have a Fiverr account you’ve used to buy services before, your details will be saved, making it easy to make the purchase. If you don’t have a Fiverr account, you may be limited to credit card, debit card, and PayPal.

Buycheapfollowersfast checkout 4If you choose credit/debit card or Bitcoin, you can enter your details right there on that page. If you choose PayPal, however, you’ll be redirected so you can log on to PayPal and pay for the services. If you don’t have a PayPal account, you can checkout with a credit or debit card as a guest, as shown below.

Buycheapfollowersfast checkout 54. Providing Information: After payment is complete, you’ll be asked to provide some information – the industry this is for (Music & Bands), a link to the track you want to buy plays for, and how many plays the track currently has.

Buycheapfollowersfast checkout 6Then just click the big green “Start Order” button, and you’re completely finished.

5. Payment Confirmation: Once payment has been made, a confirmation will be sent to you. You will then be able to manage this order from a dashboard, where you can monitor the progress and contact the seller if necessary.

Buycheapfollowersfast manage orderNow, all that’s left is for you to wait for your order to be fully processed. Based on our own experience, it took about 2 days before we began seeing any activity on our track, so be very patient and do not hesitate to contact your seller for any question or concerns.

Plans and Pricing

Their prices are among the lowest in the market we’ve seen so far. Not a lot of providers can match their low rates but if you explore websites such as Fiverr, you would know that this is a very common price point offered by freelancers.

There are only two plans available for SoundCloud Plays, but you can order them in whatever quantity you’d like, as shown above. In addition to the plan described in this review, there is also another option through SEOClerks, rather than Fiverr.

Plans Available

Below are the only plans currently available on BuyCheapFollowersFast’s website:

  • 500 Plays for $1 (through SEOClerks)
  • 200,000 Plays + 200 likes for $5 (through Fiverr)

Other Options

We signed up with a seller named Louisrp. There were no other options available, although there is a link to request a custom order.

There are other sellers on Fiverr and similar sites who offer likes and other engagement services and the price point on them varies. We are unable to provide you with a rundown of the different price points on these additional services as they are not advertised on the BuyCheapFollowersFast website, which this review is focused on.

Comparison to Other Providers

As the name implies, BuyCheapFollowersFast is one of the cheapest providers of SoundCloud Plays in the market today. Their price point is very competitive because they simply direct you to affiliate sites.

You do get what you pay for, with this one. Because the plays being sold are among the cheapest out there, expect that the plays you receive are of low quality. You are simply paying them to put an impressive number on your track. If you are looking for more quality plays, this might not be the provider for you.

If you don’t mind having an army of fake plays on your website, with followers that fluctuate in numbers on a daily basis, then this provider is recommended.

Turnaround Time

According to BuyCheapFollowersFast, the package should be delivered within 1-2 days. According to the Fiverr product page, the delivery should be completed within 1 week.

Based on our own little experiment, we only began seeing a pickup on the plays we offered after 2 days – which is slower than what we are used to. Our order was completed in full by day 4, and we’ve received no more Plays since then.

We did not receive any likes at all on the track, even though 200 likes were included in the deal. That was a let down.

Service Quality


Given the price point, it is to be expected that the plays you get from this website are from absolutely fake sources. The analytics showed that the plays had no clear source, which is a telltale sign that the seller we dealt with probably used software and gamed the system to provide us with the numbers.

Before ordering the 200,000 plays and 200 likes, our track was at 7 plays, 0 likes, 0 reposts, and 0 comments. After 7 days, we ended up with 221,725 plays, 0 likes, 0 reposts and 0 comments. We also did not receive any additional engagement.

What is alarming was the way they were being delivered to our account. They were being sent to us in huge predetermined amounts – over 100,000 Plays per day, for 2 days. This is one fast way to be found guilty of purchasing plays, in our opinion.

Retention rate was also at a disappointingly low score of only 29% but we should have you know that this is a very common score among fake plays. Again, you get what you paid for.

Customer Support Availabaility

Since BuyCheapFollowersFast is only an affiliate seller, they are not equipped to handle package and service-specific questions regarding the products offered on their website. They can be reached via the email provided on their website.

Buycheapfollowersfast contact detailsAfter a week of waiting, we did not receive a response to our questions. They note that you should contact the seller of services for specific questions – in this case, the Fiverr seller – but not responding to our general questions is plain bad service.

We also contacted the Fiverr seller with the same questions, and got a good response very quickly:

fiverr customer support

Policies and Guarantees

BuyCheapFollowersFast does not have explicit guarantees and refund policies on their website but the seller on Fiverr does offer a replacement guarantee.

6-month Replacement Guarantee – If there is a drop of some kind within the first 6 months, the losses will be replaced for free.

They will only replace plays if the number goes below what you ordered. Because they overdeliver, the additional plays on top of the prescribed amount have a tendency to go down in numbers and are not covered by the guarantee.

Because you will be dealing with independent sellers, there are no explicit refund policies stated on BuyCheapFollowersFast or Fiverr. It is best that you clear this one up with your specific seller.

Privacy Policy – BuyCheapFollowersFast’s policies may differ from the seller and their affiliated sites. They are not responsible for any discrepancies in the privacy policies of their affiliate sites.


BuyCheapFollowersFast is an interesting company. You can’t really classify them as a social media boosting service provider as they do not produce nor sell the services that are advertised on their website.

They are only affiliate sellers, which means they get a certain commission from the plays sold through them – think of it as the eBay of social media boosting services except with a fancier website.

If you don’t mind spending a few bucks on fake followers, then this might be a good place to spend your money. Their customer support team wasn’t helpful at all, however, so buyer beware.

Without a shadow of a doubt, the plays they offer are fake – they aren’t actual fans, and they don’t actually care about your music. You get what you pay for with this one so expect bulk delivery, low retention rates, and not much else. If quality plays are more your thing, there are other providers who can offer you better plays that have more engagement to go along with them, for a reasonable price. They won’t be as cheap but they are reasonable.

If you’re looking for some great alternatives check out our reviewed list of trusted SoundCloud play providers. They offer good customer service and comprehensive guarantees, along with extra services to improve engagement on your tracks.

Overall, we think BuyCheapFollowersFast is a decent company to deal with if you’re looking to just get an impressive number to go along with your track. For the price, you really can’t complain.

Date: December 7, 2016 / Categories: Review, SoundCloud Plays, / Author: Rich Drees


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