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How to Unblock SoundCloud in China

SoundCloud is the most effective platform for an artist to make his/her work known; it is also the primary destination for music listeners to discover new songs. The benefit that music lovers derive from this platform has made it one of the most visited audio and music platforms that have ever existed. The platforms allow music listeners to stream, discover, and share music with the world. This platform has distinguished itself with its number of unique content.

It also allows artists to build a fanbase and get raw feedback from your fans on what they think about your music. Some content creators also make money from their audio files, and they also receive stats on how their music is performing. You can access SoundCloud by downloading the app from an apple store or a galaxy play store. You can also access the platform through Sonos, Chromecast, Web, and Xbox One. The great thing about SoundCloud is that the platform is free to access.

Unblock SoundCloud in China

However, if you're trying to access this platform from china or turkey, you will have difficulties doing so, as the two countries have blocked access to the platform. Since it's mostly the native artist that has a presence in this country, you will have some challenges trying to listen to your favorite artist and music.

SoundCloud has been blocked in China since 2014, and it doesn't seem like that will change soon. China's firewall blocks SoundCloud, as such, no matter who you are, whether a foreigner or a native of the country, you cannot directly access SoundCloud in mainland china. China is the most populous country in the world, it is also the second-largest economy in the world, and as such, it receives lots of visitors daily.

The country has a secure firewall that is used to censor the contents that users have access to. Apart from SoundCloud, some other websites that are blocked in China are Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and Google. The countries firewall filters all the contents that are accessed in the country. Any interest that is against the political attention and economic importance of the leaders is blocked. If you're going to be visiting china anytime soon, you will find this action frustrating as you may not be able to access your favorite content online. SoundCloud users in mainland China need to apply a little trick if they want to access SoundCloud.

Accessing SoundCloud in China

China's firewall is often referred to as the Great Firewall. The firewall is one of china's “Golden shield project,” which regulates china's network. Further, the firewall is the most sophisticated in the world, and nearly impossible to bypass. The firewall filter keywords, block websites, and monitor the action of internet users. It only allows content that complies with the policy and regulation of the Chinese government.

The Chinese government adds a lot of websites to their list of blocked sites. They use some highly complex surveillance systems such as packet filtering, URL filtering, DNS, IP blocking, Man-in-the-Middle attacks (MITM), and other methods that are kept a secret by the Chinese government.

Those who reside in china may not be affected by the website block because they are used to the local websites which comply with government policies. However, foreigners in China will have an issue with this as they won't be able to use services and websites that they enjoy using in their country. Fortunately, it is possible to bypass this internet censorship, and one sure way to do this is by using a VPN. A VPN will make you appear in another location virtually. You need to choose a VPN that is most suitable for you, as some focus on protecting the privacy of the browser. In contrast, others pay more attention to security; as such, you must choose a reliable VPN provider.

Here's a Step by Step Guide on Accessing SoundCloud with a VPN in China

  1. Subscribe to the services of a reliable VPM provider
  2. Download the VPN from the official website of the service provider, or an apple store if you're using an iPhone and Google PlayStore if you're using android.
  3. Choose the country and city that suits your purpose. It is best to use US servers as they're more reliable for those that want to unblock contents on SoundCloud.
  4. After you've connected with the VPN service, you can stream your audio files.

Setting up VPN on Android

To set up VPN on your android device, follow the instructions below:

  1. Navigate your way to the setting app and open it.
  2. Go through the list of options on your screen and tap on “Wireless & Networks.”
  3. Then tap on VPN
  4. Select “Add VPN Network”
  5. Enter a suitable name for the VPN connection, then choose the type of VPN connection that you're using. Enter the address server of your VPN, while doing this, ensure that you don't make any error with the server address.
  6. You should get a username and password from your VPN service provider, enter those details in the text field provided for that. Save it and select “Connect.”

It is impossible to access a VPN from china if you're not using a tool like VPN. After you've installed a VPN on your phone, you should make it your default server.

Is the use of VPN illegal in china?

A lot of people are afraid of flouting Chinese laws; however, there is no law China that is against using VPN or SoundCloud. There are lots of international students and workers in China, and a lot of them use a VPN without any issues.

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