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Disabling App Playback For Your Track On SoundCloud

In recent times, we all know that SoundCloud is one of the most popular online-based music sharing websites and audio distribution platforms in the world, and based in Berlin.

With this online music/audio tool, one can share, promote, and upload audio sounds anywhere in the world. With over 175 million active users worldwide every month, this platform offers membership which comes in both paid and free categories.

 Recently, the platform has created a lot of partnerships with some other reputable online platforms. One of the platforms is Twitter, and they have partnered with SoundCloud to guarantee a more efficient audio streaming activity on their social platform.

Can You Disable Playback on Your SoundCloud Songs?

From the way the SoundCloud is designed, registered users are meant to have access to unlimited audio files and can as well upload up to 180 minutes audio on their profile for free.

Since the SoundCloud app is meant to work in both offline and online mode, users need a working internet connection to access the online way. When users are online, they are privileged to access millions of audio collections from the app seamlessly.

More so, when in an offline mode, users can store their favorite songs in the app’s music library. In fact, the offline mode is incredibly useful when you find yourself in an area with a low network signal.

Exciting Facts About SoundCloud App

This music/audio streaming app comes with a lot of exciting features that make the app the most sorted. Some of the functions of these features include:

1.      A simple Music Library

This app allows users to browse through their limitless music catalog and is well arranged in simple categories. That way, users can quickly discover their choice of music by merely searching the genre: it is arranged from the newest to the all-time best, and finally, the hottest tracks.

2.      Easy Music Streaming App

The SoundCloud app makes it easier for users who have an interest in the music section of the app to search for their favorite tracks using the name of the artist. More interestingly, users can as well use the app to search for their favorite songs by their recording studios, genres, and albums.

3.      Recommendation

SoundCloud music streaming app has a design with a feature that can recommend songs based on the user’s earlier choice of songs. This is how it works, and if a user continuously plays a particular song, the app automatically suggests other songs based on their music playing habits. Don't miss our list of the best sites to buy SoundCloud plays from in case you already did miss it!

4.      A Personalized Playlist

This is another feature by the app that makes it more appealing compared to its counterparts. It has a design to allow users to create their playlist. In that list, they can choose to add their favorite songs. Besides, in most cases, users create their playlist according to their mood. For example, home, gym, jogging, eating, etc.

5.      Gives users Access to Millions of songs Offline or Online

With the kind of feature this app came with, users have the freedom to access millions of songs when they are either online or offline. These collections are gotten from every music industry round the world.

6.      Social Media Optimization and Individual Sharing

A lot of music player’s love showing off their playlist. This is why they often prefer to share their favorite music with their friends, either on social media or other means.

SoundCloud allows you to share what you are listening to with friends, colleagues, and siblings using different sharing patterns made available.

How to Disable App Playback for your Track on SoundCloud

Disabling the app’s playback feature takes different routes. There are various methods to apply the same command. Each playback feature has its process, e.g., Individual tracks, and multiple tracks.

Disabling this feature on your SoundCloud means that you wish to play them only through SoundCloud embedded formats instead of the App’s API or the websites. Below are the steps on how to disable app playback on SoundCloud.

1.      Multiple Tracks

To perform this task, you will have to use the track page. To start, click on the tracks you prefer to change the settings, then proceed on clicking the “Edit tracks” and then to ‘permissions’ located at the drop-down menu.

2.      Individual Tracks

One can perform the ‘disable app playback’ on its tracks by making use of the edit page located in the ‘permission’ tab. To access the edit page any time, you have to go through the (pencil) icon beneath its waveform.

Why You would Disable Your App Playback

Before you go about disabling your App Playback of your track on the playlist, you have to understand that these tracks will only be playable at SoundCloud or its Apps. But most of the time, you find out that when you finally succeed in disabling the App playback function, you find it hard to play some individual tracks on the platform.

In this note, a situation like this can occur because of two reasons.

1.    The user’s licensing rights to play that track needs approval. This is because that particular track is can't perform outside some geographical parameters. Take, for example, a song by R. Kelly that is only permitted to be played within the United States.

2.   When it refuses to play on either your Android or iOS apps, first, you have to swipe down the screen until a spinning wheel refreshes the page. Wait till you see if that helped, if it doesn’t, check your internet connection to see if it’s working. But in a case where it persists, delete, and reinstall the app.

In conclusion, there are enormous reasons people prefer to disable their app’s playback feature, but the common one boils down to control. Moreover, SoundCloud remains one of the best music/audio apps in today’s world, and its feature has dramatically been improved over time.

Date: April 16, 2020 / Categories: New Stuff, / Author: E O



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