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How to Set-up your Podcast with SoundCloud

The best media hosting platform for anyone who wants to have a podcast is SoundCloud. There are other platforms such as Spotify and Libsyn, but SoundCloud has proven to be the most favorable to both listeners and podcasters.

Here are some reasons why you should use SoundCloud over other platforms.

1. Price

The first reason why you should pick SoundCloud is that this platform only charges $15 a month, and the storage is unlimited. While Libsyn offers a limited space of 1.5 gigs for a price of $75 a month. You can see that hosting your podcast on Libsyn is more expensive than SoundCloud.

2. Access to the Audience

Soundcloud has consistently built a solid user base over the years, and the users are still increasing. If you compare the user base on SoundCloud to the alternative might be considering, you will notice that the users on SoundCloud are more (Except for iTunes). The effect of this on your podcast is that there are more organic, potential listeners on SoundCloud.

3. Good Music Player

One other reason that makes SoundCloud stand-out is that it has a music player that is easy to use. You can also embed it into your website, such that anyone that visits your website will see the Music player.

Why shouldn’t you host a podcast on your website?

If you’re wondering why you shouldn’t just host your podcast on your custom site and upload each episode there, well, this is a bad idea because it is costly. If you plan on being famous, then a lot of people will access that site, and with each episode is released, you will need more space. When the files occupy too much space, it can crash your server, making your website inaccessible.

But if you go through SoundCloud, it is cheaper and more trust-worthy.

4. Using SoundCloud to set up a podcast

If you want to set up a podcast on SoundCloud, but you don’t know how to go about it, then follow the instructions below to set up the podcast;

  1. Go to SoundCloud.com
  2. Tap signup at the topmost right corner of the screen
  3. Enter the details SoundCloud asks, and then tap on “Sign up.”
  4. Pick a suitable username; the username should relate to the content of your podcast. It’s best if you use your brands’ name or a word that reflects your brand’s name and your name.

Fill-in your birthdate, and tap on “Get Started with SoundCloud,”

Confirm the email address you submitted

Before you can be entirely accepted into SoundCloud, you have to confirm the email you provided. To do that, you have to first login to your email address, and then find the email sent from SoundCloud with the content “Please confirm your email address.” When you tap on “Confirm your email address,” it should take you to a new window.

Upload your podcast

Recording your first episode before setting-up your account looks like a strange thing to do, right? Well, it is crucial to do this because SoundCloud requires that you have an existing podcast before you can have an account. This means that SoundCloud will not allow you to have a profile unless you have a podcast somewhere else, or on the platform.

  • After signing up to SoundCloud, sign-in to your account
  • Click on “Upload.”
  • SoundCloud will ask you to select the file you’ll like to upload. Go through the files on your device to upload your first podcast, when you find it, tap “Open.” Your file should start uploading at this point.
  • If you want, you can add an image to your podcast; this will make it look more attractive.
  • Describe the podcast you’ve uploaded, and then save it by tapping “Save.”

Register for SoundCloud podcasting beta program

This program will give you access to RSS feed that you need to get the mp3 files that you need for your podcasts. If you like to apply, go to PodcastFast.com/beta. Fill the form and select “I have a SoundCloud profile, and I have uploaded at least one full episode.”

Type in the URL for your SoundCloud profile

To ensure that you’re typing in the right URL, open a new window on your browser, go to SoundCloud and login to your account, and then tap on the podcast name. From the list of tabs and icons on your screen, select “Profile.” Copy the link on the address bar on your browser, then go back to the previous window on your browser, and paste the link in the form.

  • Choose the primary reason for opening the podcast; SoundCloud refers to this as the theme of your podcast.
  • Describe your podcast a little. Ensure that you write something captivating, as this will determine whether SoundCloud will accept your podcast or not.
  • Don’t fill the last option since you don’t have an external podcast.
  • Tap “Continue” and check all the boxes to ascertain that you’re keeping to SoundCloud’s rules and regulations. Tap “Submit” when you’re done ticking the boxes.
  • You will be redirected to a page informing you that your application is received. You should get approval in a few days.

When you get a message, it should be a positive one, as there are hardly any rejections.

When you check your SoundCloud account, you should find your RSS feed. To have access to your feed, tag on the cog on your SoundCloud page, then select “Settings.”

You should see your feeds now; congratulations, your podcast is now active. 

Date: March 24, 2020 / Categories: New Stuff, / Author: E O



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