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How to Record Music on SoundCloud

The SoundCloud app has positioned itself as the most used platform for uploading your audio file, as long as it is in the right format for SoundCloud.

Now, SoundCloud can confidently boast of having millions of traffic to their website, and every statistics show that this number is not going to reduce soon. SoundCloud as a platform allows users to record, upload, and engage with their fans on the platform.

If you’re an up and coming artist desires to be famous and heard, you have no reason not to be on the platform. However, you need to have it in mind that it is not an easy task to record and upload music to SoundCloud; you need to have adequate knowledge about the process.

If you want your music to be on Soundcloud, you have first to record your music, and one way to do so is to record your music on SoundCloud. In this article, you’ll learn all you need to know about recording your music on SoundCloud and other third-party tools that will get the job done.

It is quite convenient, and your audio file will sound more professional if you record your track on a third-party app than if you record directly from SoundCloud. To this day, people love our list of the best sites to buy SoundCloud Plays found right here!

SoundCloud does not accept all formats of an audio file; the platform is quite selective; any file outside that format it recognizes will be an unsuccessful upload. We’ll talk more about those formats later. However, let us dive into how you can record an audio file itself!

A. On SoundCloud

If you want to record directly to SoundCloud, then you can only do so on the app. You first need to confirm your email address. Without doing all this, you can’t upload or even record your audio file on SoundCloud. If their’s no mail from SoundCloud in your inbox, then check spam.

If there’s still no email confirmation, then go to the “Settings page” on SoundCloud and send yourself another confirmation message.


If you want to record, tap on “More,” you will see the tab at the top of the page. afterward, go through the list of options on your screen and choose “Record.”

SoundCloud will take you to a page where you can record your audio file. To start, tap on the microphone image that you’ll see on that page.

You can also pause your recording by tapping on the same microphone. You can choose to make some modifications to your track before you upload your audio file.


You can do a lot of modifications to your recording. One of such editing is that you can have the beginning of the recording fade in and out by merely tapping the scissor icon.

Adding information to your recording

If you’re satisfied with how your recording sounds, tap on “Next,” and SoundCloud will direct you to a page where you make changes to the title, your privacy settings, and any other modification that you deem necessary.


Once your recording is perfect, you can hit the record button. However, ensure that you have a secure connection before saving your audio to YouTube. Poor internet service can cause your upload to fail.

B. Using Third-Party Apps

If you want to record a top-notch audio song, you need to use a third-party app like Leawo Music Recorder. This software will help you to record any audio you played on your computer. It is a perfect tool for converting your audio format to WAV or MP3, which SoundCloud supports; it does this effectively without any quality loss.

The software has an in-built scheduler that enables you to determine the duration of the recording.

The software is a fantastic music manager that will help you to edit your recorded file before you post it to SoundCloud. You can also create a playlist on the software, thus helping you test your song arrangement before you post on SoundCloud. Here’s how to use this third-party tool!

1. Set the audio source to record

Firstly, tap on “Audio source” when you open the software, you will see this at the main interface of the software. Since you’re recording your file for SoundCloud, tap on “Record Computer Audio.”

2. Start Recording

You can now start recording your audio file for SoundCloud. To start that, tap on the red “Start” button to start recording. Start playing the source streaming music by tapping on “Play.” You need to ensure that the music player starts to work before playing the source file. When you do it the other way, you will miss some part of the source file because the source file has started playing before you start recording.  

Since you want to record a section of the audio file, then you should use the “Recording task scheduler.” The button for that is at the bottom of the screen, here, you can choose the time you want to begin recording, and when you want it to end. If you had an interview on a radio station, and you want to record and put it in SoundCloud, then you should use the Task Scheduler.

3. Edit Music tags

The software will help you to add tags to your music, thus eliminating the stress of doing that yourself.

The software does this by downloading and adding relevant music tags to what you recorded. However, you can still add music tags that you feel are important manually. To do this, go to “Media” then click on “Library,” there, you will see all that you recorded.

From the list of recordings in your library, tap on the audio file you want to tag, then select “Edit Music Tag,” you can now start adding the tag you desire.

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