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How to Get Verified on SoundCloud

LinkedIn launched its verification system two years ago, and every content creator should aim to get the badge.

Social media platforms allow people to connect – even with people they would never have dreamed of connecting with. Celebrities, for example, use social media platforms. Through these, some lucky fans were able to interact with their idols.

How to Get Verified on SoundCloud

The problem is that people can fake it; anyone can create an account and use a celebrity's name and picture. That enables them to scam unsuspecting users. These users may think they were supporting their favorite artists. The scammers can continue to leech their money if no one tells them the account is fake.

That's why a verification system is necessary. It will display a badge in authentic profiles. So, users can easily learn if they can trust an account or not. On a platform like SoundCloud, where listeners can support their favorite music artists directly, that's even more important. 

Thankfully, SoundCloud decided to roll out profile verification two years ago. It is not helpful only to listeners but also to music artists on the platform.

Suppose you are an independent artist on SoundCloud. If there is another account that pretends to be you, they may take some of your listeners away. Now, SoundCloud has fan-powered royalties. It pays artists based on their listeners' listening habits. So if they like your music but listen to it on a different profile, their plays will not go to you. Consequently, you will get paid less than you deserve. This creates a need to refill the void when artists are tempted to buy and paying for natural SoundCloud plays.

That said, this is great news. So, how can you get verified on SoundCloud? Let us be your guide.

SoundCloud Kicks Off Its Verification Program

The Verified Badge Icon helps well-known music artists on SoundCloud to stand out, as people are more likely to check verified accounts. Furthermore, it allows them to maintain their authenticity. The Verified Badge Icon on your profile tells your listeners it is not fake.

Please don't misunderstand this feature. SoundCloud does not endorse or sponsor content in verified accounts; it has other programs for doing that. The verification system is for proving the authenticity and nothing more.

SoundCloud awarded the blue-check badge to eight of its top-performing artists to kick off the feature. That includes Billie Eilish, Wiz Khalifa, and Trippie Redd. SoundCloud says all these artists have been on the platform since the start of their careers.

How To Apply For Verification

Verification on SoundCloud has four requirements. As long as you can meet these, you should be able to get the badge. So, what are these requirements?

The account must represent a well-known artist, collective, DJ, label, curator, or podcaster. In other terms, you must be popular. SoundCloud measures that by looking at how much people search for your account.

Next, the account must be owned by the person it represents. That means fan accounts and impersonators can't get the Verified Badge Icon.

How to Get Verified on SoundCloud

The account must also not contain any misleading information. It must also adhere to SoundCloud's terms of use.

Last, the account must have a profile photo, a bio, and at least one track uploaded. But realistically speaking, anyone thinking of getting verified will have more than one track on -their profile. Becoming popular – requirement number 1 – with only one track is a feat not everyone can pull off.

When ready to apply, log into your SoundCloud account using a computer. Go to your Settings, and under the “Account” tab, click “Request Verification.

Please note that you will not get the Verified Badge Icon instantly. The SoundCloud team will need to review your application first. That can last up to 30 days.

SoundCloud says you can make the verification process easier by monetizing your content through Repost by SoundCloud or the Premiere Program.

Pro Star Badges

Pro star badges are orange star icons that SoundCloud awards to Pro subscribers. The platform added these to let listeners, other artists, and industry contacts know the artist is taking their career to the next level.

However, some creators misuse this feature, and listeners sometimes misinterpret it as the verification badge. So, SoundCloud now moved that badge to appear exclusively on the account's profile. Previously, it appeared on search.

SoundCloud reassures that this change does not change the status of Pro users. The company also says the team will prioritize Pro Unlimited subscribers in verification.


Can The Verified Badge Be Removed?

Yes. SoundCloud can remove the badge if you breach its terms of use. You can also contact its support team if you decide to remove it from your account.

What Happens If You Change Your Display Name After Verification?

SoundCloud says changing your display name after verification may put your verified status at risk. You may need to reapply for verification. That is probably to prevent scammers or impersonators from pretending they are someone else.

What If Your Application Was Rejected?

There may be a requirement you have not fulfilled, and thus, you did not qualify. But SoundCloud says it is open for reapplication. However, immediately reapplying may get you nowhere. So SoundCloud recommends you wait for at least 30 days before you do it. While waiting, continue to improve your brand to increase your likelihood of getting verified.

How to Get Verified on SoundCloud

How To Increase Your Chances of Getting Verified

Suppose your application was lacking. If you can confidently say that you never breached SoundCloud's terms of use, then it is because you are not popular enough.

You can check SoundCloud's Creator Guide or some of our guides to learn how to stand out on the platform. Some of the tips include optimizing your profile, sharing your tracks, and engaging with your community.

After 30 days, reapply for verification. The odds of you getting the badge will be exponentially higher than last time.

Account Verification will help artists take their careers to the next level. It is one of the keys that can bring you to the mainstream. So, strive to get this badge on SoundCloud. 

Date: January 28, 2023 / Categories: New Stuff, / Author: Rich Drees


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