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What Drives the Cost of Bought SoundCloud Plays?

price up or downAnyone who has bought SoundCloud Plays and found the quality wanting knows how frustrating the whole experience can be. It’s not uncommon to hear them complain about how phony the accounts look that made the Plays, or swear off ever buying SoundCloud Plays again.

As a matter of fact, the quality of a SoundCloud Play impacts its price. That is not to say that all Plays that are expensive are good and all cheap Plays are bad. There are providers that offer really great Plays at low prices – you just have to know where to find them.

However, as a rule, you just cannot expect to get a diamond for a few pennies. You have to be willing to pay for quality.

There are several factors that affect the prices of Plays, and quality is just one. So what is a high-quality Play and what other factors influence the cost of a Play?

4 Key Factors

1. Quality of SoundCloud Plays

price vs quality Image credit: AmericanGraphixSolutions

Plays can either be high quality or low quality depending on the accounts that appear to be playing the tracks.

To be clear, buying SoundCloud Plays doesn’t mean you’re paying real individuals with SoundCloud accounts to listen to your music. Some companies do claim that they have real people playing your tracks, but whether they do or they don’t, this doesn’t really affect the quality of the account as far as the appearance is concerned.

A high-quality fake account looks like a real SoundCloud user. It has a unique profile, followers, Likes and other activities. If your Play comes from a fake but real-looking user, that’s a high-quality Play.

hq soundcloud userA low-quality fake account, on the other hand, doesn’t look like a real person at all. It’s usually a telltale sign that you just bought your Plays if they are all coming from these fake-looking accounts.

That means you won’t be on your way to SoundCloud star status anytime soon, no matter how many plays from these crappy fake followers you have.

lq soundcloud userYou can actually buy fake SoundCloud followers, too. Just make sure you buy high-quality SoundCloud followers that look and behave like real SoundCloud users. It’s only when you buy high-quality followers that you can hope your purchase will result in, among others things, organic followers. Once you have a large following, it’s easy to get even bigger – this is called Wisdom of the Crowd Social Proof.

Aside from the quality of the accounts making the Play, Plays are also considered high quality when they are delivered at a natural rate. Even Nicki Minaj doesn’t wake up to hundreds of thousands of Plays on a track just uploaded the day before. An organic, believable growth rate is another sign of high-quality Plays.

2. The Company Is Legitimate

The cost of doing business influences SoundCloud Plays prices. This is true, of course, not just for SoundCloud providers but also for other businesses in other industries.

legal v illegal Image credit: QuickAndDirtyTips

A legitimate company spends money on business registration fees, taxes, manpower, utilities and other operating expenses. The price of its product or service has to cover all these or they won’t see any profit.

If you’re buying from a legitimate company (as you should!), the price of the SoundCloud Plays will usually be higher than those fly-by-night companies. If you care about your brand or your reputation online, it’s worth it to pay for quality.

3. Experience in the Industry

If the company has experience in the industry, they would consider that in their product pricing. They bring more to the table than a rookie inexperienced provider – and there’s a fee attached to it.

The same way you would expect an experienced programmer to charge more than a beginner, veteran companies will often charge a bit more for their services.

Check out this notice from Devumi, a high-quality provider of plays:

devumi experience Image credit: Devumi

Experienced companies may have better operations on the back-end, like the method of delivery of Plays or the delivery rate, which in turn also affects the quality of Plays.

4. Solid Customer Support

As mentioned, manpower is part of expenditures for all legitimate companies.

So if they’ve responded promptly to your inquiry and provided adequate answers to your concerns, that’s because they’ve invested in their customer support. If they’ve been trained well, this is a sign of a legitimate company.

As a customer, you obviously benefit from good customer support because it’s your direct link to the company. It’s their way of showing they care about you and your concerns.

This means if you have any issues with your order, you can easily call the company’s attention to it and expect to get some helpful service. When you know you’re working with a company that’s got your back, you can buy with confidence.

Check out this shot of some features from FastFollowerz – in particular, take a look at the parts regarding customer support.

fastfollowerz customer supportImage credit: FastFollowerz

What Will You Get From Buying SoundCloud Plays?

The biggest benefit from buying SoundCloud Plays is getting your music noticed.

The number of Plays you have on your tracks is one of the factors that drives the popularity of that particular song. The more Plays you have, the more interested people will be in your music at first glance.

Popular tracks attract attention, the same way popular videos on YouTube get more views. We all live busy lives, and that vitally important number tells us how many people have heard your music.

When we see a high or a low Play count, it helps us decide whether to click on that play button or not. It’s the science of social proof and experiments have proven that it works.

When you buy SoundCloud Plays, your song will eventually attract natural, organic Plays. You can even eventually get the real-life validation that you’re looking for, and for a true artist, that’s probably more important to you.

Whether the Play came from recording companies looking for new talent to sign up or just another SoundCloud artist or user, the most important part is actually being listened to and getting your name out there. All anybody needs is a chance, and buying SoundCloud Plays will give you that.

Of course, if you happen to get noticed by some established artists, like when Snoop Dogg discovered Polish artist Iza Lach on SoundCloud, then everything will be perfect!

In short, getting your songs noticed is the quickest way to making it big on SoundCloud and beyond.

Get Heard Today!

So if you’re shopping for SoundClud Plays, know that the quality of the Play and the company you’re buying from generally dictate the price. Better companies will almost always offer Plays at a slightly higher price, though this isn’t a law of nature.

So look for companies that offer quality for your money, and go by the ratings on our list of the Top 10 Providers of SoundCloud Plays. Stick with them if you want your Plays to look believable. The rate of delivery will be natural and the Plays will come from accounts that look authentic.

Buying SoundCloud Plays could open doors that you never knew existed, and give you the chance to be heard today and always.

Good luck!

right to be heard Image credit: Pixeleight

Date: March 16, 2017 / Categories: Getting Discovered, Marketing, SoundCloud Plays, / Author: Chell



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