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Did Master P Buy SoundCloud Plays And Does Anybody Really Care?

In 2017, the veteran artist allegedly resorted to employing some unacceptable tactics so he could create a buzz for the music created by his label. 

On January 6, the same year, No Limit Forever Records, owned by the said artist, released a compilation album entitled We All We Got. The album featured 11 out of their 30 artists. Notably, the No Limit Forever Records is a new version of the old No Limit Records, a record label headed by Master P’s son Romeo. 

The We All We Got album was made available on iTunes for digital purchases. In addition, it was also available for stream on the music platform SoundCloud. Looking at the album’s SoundCloud page will show that it has stream counts ranging from 51,000 to 140,000 plays. Because the album was made available four days ago during that time, plus the fact that it does not contain any marketable acts, one would easily assume that its tracks are outstanding if he or she does not know any better. 

We All We Got, Got some SoundCloud Plays

However, for people who knew better, they will quickly find out that some tricky methods were employed for the album. And for as long as streaming services have been existing, a lot of artists have already bought computer-generated bots that can artificially increase the stream count of their music tracks. Artists do such scam for a straightforward thought process- if they can instantly boost their play count, they can draw the people’s attention to their music. And since more attraction of the audience means more organic plays, they will be able to build a fanbase from the people who believe that they are already popular.

We All We Got has a grand total of 21 music tracks. All of them are not that excellently executed, and none of the music tracks has been played a decent number of times. That being said, Master P has got to look into whoever he hired to manage his SoundCloud page.

Glancing At A SoundCloud Page

A quick glance sat the album’s SoundCloud page would reveal something wrong about the number of plays each music track has. For instance, tracks one to seven have a nearly identical stream count, track eight to track 13 also have an almost similar number of plays, so on and so forth. And while the Master P fan inside you is dreading to believe that he does not have anything to do with this scam. He has no history of showing such shady acts, it would be better if you review the SoundCloud page of the No Limit Forever album. 

Digging deeper, it was found out that the account only has 398 followers. The follower count is a metric that is much harder to fake than stream counts because unlike playing a song on SoundCloud, every new follower needs to set up a new account, which is something that suggests that the account has no fan loyalty. The second point, the date when the account has uploaded five projects, is almost identical. On top of that, the number of streams on each music from the five projects are also nearly identical. Maybe everybody who checked out the projects on the SoundCloud account has listened to every track the same number of times? Perhaps some sort of a scam was employed for it. 

SoundCloud Tracks and Comments Analysis

Besides, none of the tracks had any comments during that time. Does this mean that the music tracks like Party Like No 2Mor” was listened to by audiences for 140,000 times? None of them cared enough to leave a comment? And for anyone curious, none of the songs from Master P’s project has even got 1,000 plays on Spotify.

Furthermore, a representative from the streaming platform SoundCloud issued a statement, saying that the platform is doing its best to combat all forms of fake activity. He added that they are hoping for these efforts to reduce instances where account owners are trying to manipulate their own or other people’s popularity on the said platform. However, while SoundCloud continues to exert effort in improving the system that it uses to detect and eradicate false accounts, there are still some fraudulent activities that get past the said system. Still, the people behind SoundCloud are hoping that shortly and as they develop new and better systems, fraudulent activities will be removed entirely from the platform. 

It Sounds Like Something is Amiss

It is no fun to criticize the music legend who brought “Make ‘Em Say Uhhh!” to the world. However, this should serve as a lesson for other independent artists who will be reading this article that such a scam act of increasing play counts is an expensive mistake that costs you to lose the respect of others.

As an artist, you must have your own fanbase. However, one thing worth noting is that building a fanbase must be done organically and earned over time using hard work and excellent music. An artificial number of plays may help an artist to attract some curious viewers to click and play their music tracks. On SoundCloud and any other streaming platforms, the same strategy makes it impossible for you to build, understand, and analyze your audience. Your account can be banned from the platform once it was found out to be doing something against the platform’s terms of service. 


As of now, the SoundCloud account of the No Limit Forever album has already been removed from the platform. Also, the official website of the record label, nolimitboys.com, has removed all the SoundCloud embeds and links from their website and now only has their Spotify link. 

Date: May 11, 2020 / Categories: New Stuff, / Author: E O



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