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Should You Buy SoundCloud Plays?

SoundCloud may be in hot water due to the recent massive layoff, which has initiated an online movement the internet calls Hire a SoundClouder. Despite being at a weaker spot in the stock market, SoundCloud is continuously working on ways to innovate their platform to attract more users.

If you’ve grown fond of the community SoundCloud has established for music makers and passionate music fans, you can to do your part in getting it back on track.

One of the ways you can help revive SoundCloud is by continuously uploading music and strengthening your presence on the platform. By doing so, you’ll be drawing more people to sign up and be part of the SoundCloud community.

The short answer is yes: buying SoundCloud Plays can improve your social proof and help you grow on this social network.

Buying SoundCloud Plays from a tried and tested provider is one way to efficiently strengthen your credibility on the platform. Bought SoundCloud Plays can help you attract more listeners to your account – which can help you leverage your career as you do your part in reviving the platform in general.

Purchasing social signals has gotten a bad rap over the years but today we will be discussing how this can actually help you skyrocket to the top of the charts. Learn more about the benefits of purchasing SoundCloud Plays below.

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What are Bought Plays?

Bought SoundCloud Plays are artificial social signals designed to help music makers establish a more credible reputation on the platform. Depending on the provider, SoundCloud Plays are generated in different ways.

The most common way of generating SoundCloud Plays is through the use of bots or software. Providers mass produce these social signals, which are designed to some degree to look like the real thing.

While providers strive to make their social signals appear as real as possible, they do have some noticeable differences from the real thing. Artificial social signals are often untargeted, and that means you could be getting plays from all over the world.

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Bought Plays do not usually come from targeted locations. If you review your Stats page after purchasing plays, you'll instantly notice that the plays came from random places in the world.

In other cases, you’ll see that all your Plays came from unregistered guest accounts, which don’t come with much analytics data.

These bought Plays are only designed to help your track appear more credible by giving you impressive looking stats, and are not to be mistaken for authentic traction.

That said, you shouldn’t solely rely on bought plays to get your music heard. Bought Plays are only supplemental marketing tools that are designed to help you make your tracks look buzzworthy. They are not made to replace authentic plays, and they’re no substitute for good music.

Should I Buy SoundCloud Plays?

If your tracks are not getting the attention you think they deserve, it might be high time to consider purchasing Plays. Bought SoundCloud Plays can help you establish a more credible persona online that will attract more followers.

Making a name for yourself as a musician can be difficult given how saturated the industry has become over the past few years. Despite the viral age we live in, not everyone can become an overnight star.

According to a study, music makers upload 12 hours of tracks every minute on SoundCloud. Despite their shaky financial footing, so far SoundCloud remains a robust sound-sharing community.

In this digital age, not everyone can have a piece of the viral cake. Given how saturated the community has become over the years, musicians need to be smart about their strategy to get their foot in the door.

Organic growth is often a long and arduous process that won't usually give you the results you're hoping for at your desired pace. If you want to start turning heads with your music NOW, you need to start buying Plays.

Buying an impressive amount of Plays to go along with your freshest track should help you drive more attention to your music.

Once you’ve gotten the attention of more users, you’ll be able to win them over naturally with your well-produced tracks. Your newly bought views give you a better chance at winning over the hearts (and ears) of avid music fans from all around the globe, because all those views will make you seem more likable.

Bought plays can also help you get the attention of music industry movers and shakers. Record label execs, producers, and directors frequent social networking sites like SoundCloud to discover the next big hit.

When a record label executive sees the impressive amount of Plays your music has gotten, their interest will instantly be piqued. They won’t hesitate to give your track a listen, and that’s how bought Plays increases your discoverability.

Where to Buy SoundCloud Plays?

Bought SoundCloud Plays have had a bad reputation over the years, largely due to the proliferation of devious providers who are only out to make a quick buck. These providers often don’t invest in providing their customers with an excellent ordering experience, to say the least.

The key to finding the perfect provider is adequate research. You need to scour the internet to see which of the providers out there offer the best ordering experience from start to finish. The best way for you to avoid getting scammed when purchasing Plays is by checking out as many reviews about a provider as you can.

Image credit: SoundCloud Reviews

To help you boost your online music career, we’ve put some of the best SoundCloud Plays providers to the test on our website. We’ve tested out every aspect of their services from start to finish to make sure you get your money’s worth.

When shopping around for SoundCloud Plays or any other social media boosting services, it’s important that you repeat the mantra of “Buyer Beware.” Some of the devious providers out there will try to lure you in with their attractively cheap rates, only to fail to deliver a quality product – or anything at all!

If you’re tempted to buy SoundCloud Plays for dirt cheap, always remember that they may not be of the best quality. A reputable provider offers value adding services such as responsive customer support and transparent warranties that protect your best interests as a buyer.

Shop smart and avoid being scammed by sticking to tried and tested providers when purchasing SoundCloud Plays.

This is the Running Start Your Music Needs

SoundCloud is far from being dead, and just because it’s seeing troubling times at the moment doesn’t mean your progress should be at a standstill. SoundCloud is a community that holds a lot of promise in leveraging the career of many musicians still to come, and that’s why you should do your part in getting it back on track.

Continuously strengthening your presence on SoundCloud can help draw more attention to your tracks and encourage users to stay on or check out the platform. SoundCloud is still a competitive network. As a music maker, you need to be smart about your strategy and buy yourself a running start in order to stand out.

When done right, purchasing SoundCloud Plays can help you achieve the break you’ve been aspiring for as a musician. You just need to make sure you're buying plays from a provider you can trust, and backing them up with some great music.

Don’t be easily fooled by devious providers who offer a massive number of Plays for dirt cheap. Often, less than reputable providers don’t deliver their services as promised. When it comes to bought Plays, sticking to a tried and tested provider is your best bet in getting your money’s worth.

Continue making music and strengthening your credibility on SoundCloud with a smart marketing strategy that won’t wear you out. Bought plays may just be the leverage you need to turn more heads.

Date: August 11, 2017 / Categories: Getting Discovered, SoundCloud Plays, / Author: Mariko



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