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Attract More SoundCloud Followers With These Tips

SoundCloud is one of the most popular platforms for starting musicians to get their tracks heard. With so many musicians trying to get their break, attracting followers on the site is often a challenge. Let’s take a look at some of the ways you can get people to listen to your music and follow you on SoundCloud.

Get jiggy with bloggers

Getting your tracks posted on music blogs is a great way to promote them outside of SoundCloud and to draw listeners. To catch bloggers’ interest, you should:

  • Know what they want: Think about what bloggers would find appealing about your tracks. Reading their posts will help you get an idea of their musical tastes. If they’re mostly into metal, move on to a different blogger if you’re in a K-Pop band.
  • Submit a high-quality track: You want to make a good first impression, so be sure that you send the best-recorded version of your tracks. Sending them your music via a SoundCloud link is also smart here.
  • Be humble: Don’t bother trying to tell them that you have the sickest tunes around, as music bloggers will know whether your tracks are indeed good or not.

By following these steps, you demonstrate to music bloggers why your tracks are worth not just listening to but also sharing with their audiences. Here’s a huge spreadsheet you can use to get started! You can also be one of those people who buy Soundcloud followers to get their career started.

Don’t forget about the smaller blogs

When making your blog submissions, you will likely focus more on the large blogs to get maximum exposure, but don’t overlook the smaller ones. While they have smaller audiences, they are more numerous, which can give you a wider reach. It also helps to build up your career enough to get noticed by the larger ones. You can’t come from nothing, you have to start small and build up.

These smaller blogs are also more welcoming of up-and-coming musicians like you. Just follow the same steps above for connecting with them. Addressing the blog owner by their name in your submission gets them interested since doing so shows that you took time to know about them.

Submit on forums

Internet forum sites like Reddit are still a popular way for people to discover new music. By posting your SoundCloud links on these sites, you can draw forum members to your profile page. Many forums even have dedicated sections for new acts, like this one, which will give you an even more focused audience.

When submitting SoundCloud tracks on forums, don’t just drop your links and leave. You should instead engage with other members and participate in discussions. This is not only a good way to introduce yourself and your music, but also lets you get more useful information for growing your SoundCloud following. Having a link to your SoundCloud in your bio, or comment footer, is another smart move.

Engage other SoundCloud artists’ content

It might seem odd, but promoting other people’s music can actually help you boost your own SoundCloud following. The idea here is simple. When you share or comment on other artists’ tracks, they will see the act as a good gesture from you. They will likely return the favor, sharing your tracks to their listeners. If not, you’re still exposing your accounts to anyone who reads through the comments.

Take this a step further by messaging the artist and telling them why you like their music. Do this only for the ones you truly like, so that you can be sincere in your message. This will also help you create opportunities for collaborating with them.

Create follow-to-download gates

Download gates are useful for enticing your listeners to follow your SoundCloud page. There are many tools available for creating your follow-to-download gates, like Artist Union, Hypeddit, and ToneDen. They are easy to set up and will let you spread your download gate on different social media sites.

The key here is what kind of content to offer behind your download gate. This could be early access to a new track you are releasing, or an exclusive song or interview for followers. Whichever it is, build the hype by posting teasers to get people more interested.

Interact with your listeners

One final thing to keep in mind when trying to attract more followers on Soundtrack is that people aren’t there to just listen to your tracks. Many would often want to interact with you more by posting comments on your work.

Take time to respond to these comments and get listeners to engage in conversations with you.

You can go further and ask your listeners for feedback and suggestions about your music. This will make them feel more appreciated. It will be more likely that they will follow your SoundCloud account. It will also help if you encourage them to share your tracks with their peers.

Date: May 24, 2019 / Categories: SoundCloud Plays, / Author: Rich Drees


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