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The $15M Plan To Reach Out To Artists Affected By The Pandemic

The online streaming platform has taken action last April to support ad assist creators that were affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Before the big plan revelation, the company started a series of support initiatives. These initiatives include an offering of a 50% off SoundCloud Pro Unlimited subscription on March 30. The streaming giant also provided access to Twitch’s Affiliate program. Kerry Trainor, SoundCloud Ceo, reported the $15 million plan to aid creators amid the shutdown. She added that SoundCloud had designed an initiative to strengthen their careers for the long-term. 

SoundCloud Steps Up With A $15M Plan To Reach Out To Artists Affected By The Pandemic

Since the plan was announced, SoundCloud creators have now the opinion to have a special and additional button on their profiles. These were designed to create direct fan support through Patreon, Paypal, Kickstarter, Bandcamp, and more. 

The Assistance Program Buys SoundCloud Plays For Creators

In addition, the online streaming company gave away all of its Promote in its SoundCloud inventory, estimated to be valued at $5 million, for free. Per week since then, five music creators who have tagged their uploads with #GetMorePlay were selected. These creators were handpicked by SoundCloud’s editorial staff and got the chance to be featured with promotion. 

The firm then also launched Repost by SoundCloud following the humongous support it gave to its creators. This new distribution and marketing service spurt out from the company’s acquisition of Repost Network way back in May of 2019. The service gave independent artists access to professional monetization, marketing, and distribution of their arts. This change became available to all music creators across SoundCloud’s platform.

SoundCloud Steps Up With A $15M Plan To Reach Out To Artists Affected By The Pandemic

Additionally, the firm committed to helping fuel up the careers of these independent artists. Through a $10 million support, these creators got a new artist service offering with Repost Select. Chosen artists were given access to a dedicated account manager and received customized promotional and marketing support. Without a doubt, and knowing time is money, they essentially bought SoundCloud plays and followers with the assistance program!

As for Other Streaming Services

SoundCloud Steps Up With A $15M Plan To Reach Out To Artists Affected By The Pandemic

When the cities and states went into a total shutdown and lockdown, not only the important services were halted. The music industry also went to a full stop. The community of music artists went into a struggle as they lost their work with an uncertainty of a clear future. Dozens of music firms on March 20 went together to write letters to ask Congress for financial assistance. Other firms set up policies and programs which catered to helping artists reach their fans and makeup with the loss of their revenue.

Touring has been one of the most profitable revenues for any artist. Now with a suspension to an unknown period of time, artists relied on streaming to continue the flow of income for their bills. Different streaming shows since then started to reach fans on other digital platforms. 

When California and New York shut down their non-essential businesses, there were streaming services that tried to find extra ways to aid creative communities that became the sole foundation of their companies. For others, this meant changing the home pages of major companies such as Apple Music to feature a message from the White House. Spotify also dedicated space on their home page to redirect site visitors to CDC’s site with essential information regarding the virus.

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