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10 Reasons Why Your Travel Blog Should be on SoundCloud

The internet’s ever changing trends have bloggers struggling to stay relevant to the public. Emerging applications and new platforms have made the competition even more aggressive. This is why for many would-be bloggers and those that have considerable amount of subscribers, it pays to be aware of rising trends and discover new avenues to share their content to even more people. SoundCloud is fast becoming one of the popular cross-platform sites where users can easily share exciting new content to people from anywhere.


Here are 10 reasons to consider putting your Travel blog on SoundCloud:

promote-soundcloud-music1. Share new media.

Keep your blog interesting through new content that you can share via SoundCloud. From live podcasts, music, interviews and other audio recordings, getting your audience to subscribe is easy when you have a wide availability of options to offer them instead of the usual text and photo posts.


2. Connect with other social media accounts.

SoundCloud is a multi-sharing platform that allows you to embed your podcasts links and share them to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and other popular social media sites. Maximize your reach by sharing your content to sites with millions of users worldwide who can easily link back to your blog. Even sharing and forwarding your podcasts through email is possible and ensures your subscribers are always in the know of new content available on your blog.


3. Low Competition for Travel Blogs on Soundcloud.

Break free from the norm of uploading only text blog posts and photos that can turn old quickly. Record yourself and bring life to old posts that give your public the chance to review what you have to say. Bring in guests and upload interviews, your subscribers will quickly regain interest with a variety of content available on your blog.


4. Explore SoundCloud’s rich online community.

SoundCloud is easily gaining popularity over young users and millennials who like to get information on the fly like having their favorite tracks directly available to them and being able to discover new and interesting content to subscribe to via podcasts.  Through SoundCloud, information gets shared rather quickly through its wealth of helpful features and the numerous apps that can easily link to it. Use this to your advantage and transform you Travel blog in a cross-platform media.

get your tracks discovered on soundcloud5. Attract a new audience.

With the number of great people you’ll meet through SoundCloud and through its rich community, attract a new audience that may have been just beyond the reach of your traditional blog posts. Join a new community and build new partnerships with similar brands that can help you break into its own set of subscribers as well and gain their trust rating.


6. Add value to your blog.

With the ability to share more content, add value to your travel blog by giving people new and exciting content to watch out for. Get your subscribers to appreciate what you can offer so they keep coming back and help you put up a wide audience. Use your podcast to give subscribers a preview of your eBook, upload audio books, tutorials and other live audio sessions where you can talk just about anything. There’s no limit to what you can share.


7. Give your subscribers more options.

With SoundCloud’s download feature, give your customers more options in terms of how they get content from you. Whether it can be tuning in to your podcast on the go or being able to download your audio files for listening at a later time. You can easily enable this feature so your subscribers can tune in anytime.  The ability to download your content also gives your subscribers the opportunity to share your content and recommend your blog to their friends that can help promote your brand in the long run. These are things your subscribers will surely appreciate and one that you and your blog can benefit from as well.


8. Get advertising opportunities.

Similar to regular blogs, getting your Travel blog on SoundCloud gives you more advertising opportunities which you can use to your advantage. Use your popularity and subscriber reach to boost other users or podcasts and get paid for it. Recommend new podcasts to your listeners. With a stellar subscriber base, you’ll have more room to help out other blogs or promote other brands as well which can get your more partnerships.  

buying-soundcloud-reviews9. It is easy and convenient  to use.

You never have to worry about updating your blog on a daily basis and writing long posts every time when you can now record what you need to say anytime and upload it on your SoundCloud. Simply record, upload and share your content to your subscribers from anywhere and anytime. Now you can add rich and meaningful broadcasts to your site without having to spend too much time on creating content. There’s a number of apps available for free that you can use which are readily available for both mobile and PC users as well so it is easy to keep your blog content fresh and interesting for all your subscribers.


10. Engage your audience.

With SoundCloud’s interactive feature, get the chance to interact with your audience on an entirely new level. Respond to comments and feedback quickly and build a better relationship with your subscribers. Get your listeners to tune in by offering bonus tracks that they can’t find anywhere else unless they subscribe. Help your subscribers and promote your brand.


With the many features and functionalities that one can get from SoundCloud, it’s no wonder why many bloggers are doing the shift and either linking their podcasts to their blog sites or moving their content to full audio broadcast format. There’s a wealth of information one can get online to help you with this transition. Explore new possibilities and welcome new opportunities to build your brand through SoundCloud. Get ready to create content worth sharing and tuning into across different platforms online and see how this works for you.

Date: October 14, 2016 / Categories: Getting Discovered, Marketing, / Author: Rich Drees


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