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The SoundCloud Legend from Ireland Looks Back on His 50 Years

Christy Moore, an Irish singer, and songwriter is known to be a private individual. Yet, in a recent episode of the Love and Courage Podcast, he opened up about everything, including sobriety, environmental action, and hate mail. 

The folk singer and musician has been inspiring and entertaining people all over the globe for 50 years now. He has released a total of 30 solo albums. In addition, he is a founding member of the legendary acts of Planxty and Moving Hearts.

Moore still continues to use his voice in order to speak out about social issues. Yet, the Kildare-born musician remains private in terms of his personal life.

The Greatest Living Musician of Ireland Looks Back on His 50 Years in the Industry

Notably, Moore was once named by RTE's People of the Year Awards as “Ireland's Greatest Living Musician.”

Christy Moore is now a growing artist on SoundCloud after 50 Irish Years

In an interview with Ruairi McKiernan's Love and Courage podcast, which is probably his most honest and revealing one, the folk legend admitted how his father's death made an impact on him at an early age. He said that he was driving one day and his eleven-year-old son was in the backseat. Looking at his son, he realized the effect that it would have on him if he were told that his father had passed away. He also talked about the joy that he has found in sobriety, the hate mails that he received, as well as why he feels like more needs must be done in terms of environmental action. 

At the young age of eleven, Moore had to carry the weight of accepting the news about his father's death. According to him, it was an incredible experience that affected their family in different ways. Moore also believes that all six of them are still affected by its impact on their lives. 

Moore also said that being aware of their mother's struggle as a single parent with six children allowed him to realize the need for more significant support and understanding for people who are in need. 

The music legend noted that he felt blessed to grow up in a robust family environment despite losing their father at a very young age. Despite their family being shattered by their loss, Moore said that all six still grew up in a caring and loving environment– a privilege that not everyone has. 

Moore’s Sobriety and Being A Drinker on the 70’s Folk Scene

Moore spoke how he could still remember how it took him a few years before coming into the light. He still recalls the first time that he ever walked out on stage without being drunk with alcohol or any other substance. It was a fantastic moment for him because, for many years, he thought that he could not do anything without those.

The music legend had never shied away when speaking about the issues of the day when he stood behind the Stardust fire families, the Birmingham 6, as well as campaigns about racism, fracking, and other causes. He revealed that he received a lot of hate mails in the past. Yet, he embraces those criticisms as a part of the work of being an artist.

Moore also told McKiernan in the interview that his song Ann Lovette caused a lot of hate mails. He said that while it was not a deluge, there is no doubt that it rattled. However, he said that it did not bother him. Yet, Moore emphasized that there was a time when those hate mails used to scare him a bit. But now, he accepts that it means that his works are working. According to him, the songs work if people both love and hate them. This means that his songs are alive and not meaningless. 

SoundCloud Plays Pour in on the Irish Superstar

The music legend grew up near the Curragh in Kildare. There, he spent his years with his family and neighbors on bogs and farms. This inspired him with a love of nature while he was young, which is something that reflects most of his songs. Moore also mentioned that he is increasingly concerned about the planet's state. In addition, he is determined to do more to act.

The Greatest Living Musician of Ireland Looks Back on His 50 Years in the Industry

In addition, Moore noted that people seem to disregard nature. They see fires in California, for instance, but seem to not pay attention to it. The way the weather is changing and people listen to nature advocates yet do no step to fight these changes in the temperature. 

Moreover, the folk legend said that he is not a very good warrior in the ecological movement. Still, he sings and talks about it in hopes that he can do better and more. On top of singing to convey his message, he also said that he would do better and that he was going to do less plastic. 

More of Christy Moore

Christopher Andrew Moore or more popularly known as Christy Moore, is the older brother of the Irish folk singer Luka Bloom. He is the premier singer and songwriter in Ireland. Moore is also the former lead vocalist and the chief songwriter of the band Planxty and Moving Hearts. On top of that, he helped in bringing the musical tradition of Ireland up to modern standards. He also serves as an inspiration to a lot of contemporary artists in the said country. 

Ireland's traditional music has played a role in Moore's early music. As a teenager, he was inspired by American Rock & Roll.

Moreover, Moore moved to Britain in the 1960s. There, he began busking on the streets while still extending his repertoire of folk and traditional songs. He also returned to Ireland later in the decade. During his return, he released his debut album entitled “Paddy On The Road.”

The Greatest Living Musician of Ireland Looks Back on His 50 Years in the Industry

Due to his excellence, he was named as Ireland's Greatest Living Musician during the RTE's People of the Year Awards

The album Folk Tale is the latest result of the latest musical alliance between Moore and producer Declan Sinnott. Their long-running collaboration has brought them a loyal and ever-increasing following. In addition, the album has found Christy doing what he is best at–letting his songs convey their message to the listeners.

What's the Next Steps for Moore's SoundCloud Career and Playing Music?

We tried reaching out to him, but we certainly aren't a big enough publication to warrant a reply. That's understandable, he is after all going through the issues famous people deal with, while also dealing with the new opportunities of being a rising SoundCloud star. Having studied and talked to many artists in a similar arrangement, it's quite apparent his life is filled with one new thing: choices. Will retirement be an offer too special to turn down? Time will tell as he ponders the economic future of his life and his country and studies the currency and economy of the place he would retire in. Simultaneously, we are sure he is talking with his doctors to get solid estimates for how many years he should expect to enjoy.

What happens to his SoundCloud plays if he puts out another album, even in these golden years? Well for one, he will start being tempted with offers of more fortunes and fame – and even a globe-trotting world tour. In this day and age, traveling the world is more difficult than ever before, and perhaps the best he could find the energy to muster would be a highly localized tour traveling the United States and the United Kingdom. Both of these countries bring great ticket prices, more SoundCloud plays, and the highest levels of effective exposure to his current audience.

Should Moore try buying SoundCloud Plays to Maximize his Musical Fame?

This is a difficult question that only Moore himself can answer. For starters, he certainly has the financial backing to invest in his own musical career, and he also has the apparatus to quickly monetize the SoundCloud plays he would buy to leverage his musical fame. It's been albeit notoriously comical how quickly buying SoundCloud plays can turn your song into a Chart Topper, but the method of how he would buy these plays is also filled with options. Many techniques and tactics are used to buy plays on an artist's SoundCloud profile.

It's really about an anticipated timeframe for Moore, or any other artist. If you are willing to commit to the next 10 years of your musical career, investing in many outlets revolving around your music's promotion is something every artist must consider and calculate. The more you invest, in any way, shape, or form, the more the payout will occur. However, not all investments and techniques will reward the investor the same way, or in the same timeframe. What if SoundCloud gets replaced with another music app entirely? Perhaps just paying for old-school billboards is all that's in the budget? Only the individual artist in question can accurately decide the methods and tactics to deploy for their music marketing, and even they are often making their best guess!

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