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More myths about buying SoundCloud plays

There's plenty of good information out there about buying SoundCloud plays. Unfortunately, there's a lot of misinformation as well. We've already covered several of the biggest myths surrounding this topic, now there's more. A lot of the myths we’ve looked at before are mostly half-truths, and that’s the pretty much what we’ll see today. Let’s take a look at another eight common misconceptions about buying SoundCloud plays.

Myth # 8 – I'll get scammed.

Although it is true that there are scams out there, they are quite easy to avoid. It really all comes down to the vendor you're buying from. With a light amount of research, you can determine the legitimacy of any vendor. By reading some reviews and staying away from deals that are too good to be true, you'll be safe. Read more about avoiding SoundCloud scams.

Myth #9 – No value

One of the biggest myths surrounding paid SoundCloud plays states they’re worthless. The fact is that the vast majority of paid plays are fake, with nobody actually listening to the song. Still, these plays have plenty of value because they create social proof. When people see your song in the related tracks, they'll be more inclined to listen if it has a lot of plays.

To further disprove this myth, there are companies that provide real plays. They provide targeted plays that can help bring potential listeners to your profile. With these, the vendor you buy from is extra important, because this is a tough service to provide effectively. We’ve found the top vendors, check them out in our Top 10.

Myth #10 – I'll get Likes and Reposts, too

Some people who buy plays for their SoundCloud tracks seem to think they'll get likes and shares, too. This isn't true, you though it’s not impossible, it is highly unlikely that you’ll get any if you just buy plays. However, most vendors who supply plays almost always provide related services as well. It all depends on the vendor, but you can find paid favorites, shares, comments, and more. The key is to make sure you order an appropriate amount of each so everything looks legitimate.

Myth #11 – It's expensive to get the best

False. One of the best vendors currently available, Devumi, offers 5,000 plays for $12. You can get 100,000 plays for under $100 from them if you order in bulk. Social proof starts taking effect far before 100,000 views. You don't need to break the bank to get a decent amount of views from a high-quality vendor.

Myth #12 – Everyone will find out I'm faking it

When it comes to plays, there is no way for the average SoundCloud users to know if the count is fake. Be wary, a high number of comments with a low amount of comments and likes is a red flag. But if you're patient and take the time to build a marketing plan that includes SoundCloud plays, you'll be fine.

Look at some of the biggest names on SoundCloud and write down their ratio of favorites to plays. Scale it down to the amount of plays you want to buy, and order the appropriate amount. Do the same thing with shares, comments, and followers as well.

Myth #13 – My account will get spammed with crap

You've likely seen the spam comments on other SoundCloud profiles that advertise cheap plays. Naturally, most people assume that these profiles are being spammed because they bought plays. In a lot of cases that is the truth, but it's only because they used a low-quality provider with no privacy policy. These shady companies sell your information to other vendors, or send you spam themselves. It is absolutely vital to ensure that your vendor has a privacy policy to protect you

Myth #14 – My track will be deleted

Not true at all. SoundCloud won't delete your track even if they know it received thousands of fake plays. This is because they can't know for sure that you are the one who bought those plays. When buying plays was new, it quickly became a way for competitors to target each other. They would but plays for the competition, and watch their tracks be taken down. This is something that did happen, and still does now, so you can rest easy that SoundCloud won’t punish you for buying your track plays.

The key thing to remember

Throughout these myths we've seen a common theme: they stem from people buying from shady vendors. All you need to do is read reviews before buying so you don't get burned, and you'll be completely safe. Getting plays for pennies might sound nice, but it just isn't worth it in the end.

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Date: March 5, 2016 / Categories: SoundCloud Plays, Tips, / Author: Viv



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