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Keep The Beat going: A Guide to SoundCloud Upload, New Music Everyday, Every minute.

The Upload is a new app ran through SoundCloud designed to make the process of filtering through music more efficiently. SoundCloud is the largest and most diverse music streaming website out there. It is one of the best ways to keep updated on what is new in the world of music and always be ahead of what is currently popular.

Why Use The SoundCloud Upload?

SoundCloud has one of the largest online music streaming selections, and it gains more music every single day as artists upload their content. This can be difficult to sort through, especially when you are trying to find new bands. The Upload makes it easier to navigate the constant influx of new music in order to keep you informed of what is new in the music genres you like by creating a list of the newest uploaded songs and artists for you. The lists are refreshed on a daily basis to ensure you are always in content with new songs and artists to listen to.

How Does The SoundCloud Upload Work?

The Upload is a tool for discovering new music and filtering that new music to find content tailored to your tastes. The Upload can be found on both the Discover tab on the web and the Search tab on iOS and Android. The more you use SoundCloud, the more music you listen to, the more their software will know what kinds of music you enjoy and what you don’t like. The Upload uses this information to find music that is relevant to you. As new music is uploaded onto SoundCloud, all the songs and artists and genres that fit the kinds of music you like will show up on The Upload in the form of a list.

How Does SoundCloud Upload Choose Which Music I Like?

This is a good question many people have. SoundCloud’s algorithms get to know you the more you listen to music. With this said, the kind of content found through Upload would be based on your most recent tastes. Don’t worry though, if you’ve gone through a random binge of a specific genre, it won’t clog up your Upload feed with only that one type of music. To make the most of the Upload app, it is best to listen to as much music you can. The more you listen, the more information SoundCloud has on your profile to keep you plugged into the newest and greatest tunes related to your tastes. With all of this said, it is good to keep in mind that the Upload relies more on newly uploaded material than anything else. This means you won’t find a single band clogging up your list of music.


How Often is There New Content Using SoundCloud Upload?

The content featured on The Upload is updated every single day. Every morning you can look forward to finding a fresh list of music waiting for you.. New music is constantly being uploaded to SoundCloud, every minute of every day. As new artists create and upload their music to SoundCloud, they will show up on your list on The Upload. This keeps you always at the front of the line when it comes to discovering new music and knowing about new artists.

What if You Haven’t Listened to Music in a While?

Okay, so you took a break from SoundCloud for a bit. That’s okay. Even if time lapse between the times you use the Upload, the Upload will still refresh and update its lists with new content. Of course, this content will be based on the likes and the music you chose to listen to on your previous visits. The more you use the app and SoundCloud, the better they work to be a personal suit for your needs, but with that said, regardless of how much time spent on the app it will always generate relative, new content on a daily basis.

Brand New Users to SoundCloud Upload

So, you haven’t used SoundCloud yet, but you want to use The Upload. That’s okay! For the first day, The Upload will not show any content listed for you because it doesn’t know what kind of music you like. The first step to getting a fantastic list of music for your ears to enjoy is to begin listening to music on SoundCloud and building up your listening profile. The sooner you start listening to music; the sooner SoundCloud’s algorithms can discover what music is right for you. Remember the more music you listen to, the more accurate The Upload’s music recommendations will be for you.

How SoundCloud Upload Helps Other Artists?

The Upload increases the chances for new artists to be heard. Instead of only hearing the most popular musicians, The Upload can connect you with new, up-and-coming artists that are relevant to your tastes. This helps smaller bands and new artists get their name out instead of becoming invisible in the sea of good music available on SoundCloud.


This app is for everyone. Whether your goal is to always be ahead of new trends or simply explore new music, the Upload app is perfect for filtering and organizing SoundCloud’s content. You can expect to find new content refreshed and uploaded every single day. All of the content is generated from a profile SoundCloud puts together for you, cataloging and calculating your music tastes based on the songs and artists you choose to listen to. This app is one of the most efficient ways to always keep on top of what new bands are making it out there, and what is new in the genres you prefer. Even if you spend a few days listening to one genre nonstop, the Upload won’t drown out all of your other tastes with the single genre. If you want to keep informed and constantly on the edge of discovery, download the Upload app today and give it a listen.

Date: April 13, 2018 / Categories: Marketing, / Author: Rich Drees


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