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How To Sporadically Increase SoundCloud Plays

On SoundCloud, it's more challenging to get your work heard than on other platforms. It's almost impossible for a rising star to get to their Music heard over many music makers who have established themselves on the platform. While it isn't an easy task, it's not mission impossible. There are strategies to get you more plays on SoundCloud even if you're a beginner.

However, to ensure these tips work. There are criteria you need to meet. First, ensure your contents are worth listening to, and secondly, get your SoundCloud profile right. This includes the profile picture, username, and bio section.

If you've fulfilled all of the criteria listed above, then proceed to use these tips to increase your Soundcloud plays and outshine the mainstays on the platform.

Make A Music Video

In the past, most SoundCloud users prefer to post Audio, and the audience was really cool with it. There's been a change in trend, and Audio contents may not be as appealing as they use to be. Presently, there's been an increase in the number of hours spent watching videos. This explains why Videos generate more Engagement on platforms like Instagram and Facebook.

Take advantage of this by recording a music video rather than just audio. Though it will take more time, it increases your chances of getting heard, not to mention followers posting it on their YouTube channel. Along with recording the video, ensure it's well optimized, and don't forget to share on other platforms with links tracking them back to your SoundCloud profile.

Create Awareness Across Other Platforms

Another strategy that increases plays on SoundCloud is by informing people about your presence. These days, several forums and platforms are dedicated to promoting Music. Join these communities and post your video if there's room for it. Don't forget to read the guidelines before posting as some forum may consider it as spanning.

Since creating awareness by word of mouth won't be a fast means, social media is the best place to start. Share links to your SoundCloud profile on your social media accounts, and Don't forget to post any new track that drops from your stable.

Interact With Followers

Don't just post videos and zoom off. To increase the odds of your followers playing your song, you need to do like-wise. Even though SoundCloud isn't a social web like Facebook, engaging with a post does a lot of good to your popularity. In this way, You're able to build a connection with other artists.

You ought to participate in several discussions and get familiar with top Influencers in your niche. Comment on their work, share their track, and also make meaningful contributions. Doing this, they will also notify you and be buoyed to visit your profile and look at your track.

This will help you generate more traffic and also make it easy for users to play your track.

Optimize Your Track

Add images and descriptions to your tracks before pushing them out. It's important that the image header is of high resolution, and the description also arouses your audience's interest. Add lyrics and credits to your headers to make it more professional.

Another way to Optimize your track is by adding waveform. The waveform isn't a substitute for description. They both work in different ways. Waveform allows you to tell a story. They're mostly divided into sessions, giving your audience the chance to comment on each session as they're playing. You could also use waveform to seek comments and suggestions on how to make the track better.

When it comes to tracking optimization, your artwork also plays a significant role. Ensure your album cover is beautiful and appealing to your audience. If it doesn't captivate you, at first sight, there's a considerable probability that it will have a similar effect on your audience. Treat the album cover like a book cover. Make it attractive and preferably of HD quality. You can pay a professional photographer to do this for you, so you don't end up with crappy work.

Build A Mail List

With the challenges that come from getting plays on SoundCloud, it's essential to look for an alternative medium of getting your songs heard as Soon as it's release. Email marketing may not appeal to a lot of users, particularly those with zero knowledge of digital marketing.

Fortunately, you can leverage the service of Download gateway like ToneDen to gather the email lists of your listeners. This way, you can send your Music to those on your list the next time a track is released. Once your list is gathered, you will need an email marketing service like Aweber, Mail chimp, or get a response to send these emails to them.

Offer Free Downloads

Free Downloads. Photo taken from SoundCloud Help Center

Most artist on SoundCloud rarely offers listeners the chance to download their track for free. As a newbie on this platform, take advantage of this option to build your audience. The fact is that most people will always jump at free stuff, and once you make this offer y, your plays will grow within a short time. Ensure you don't go overboard as they will become used to getting free Download and may hinder them from buying your album.

Finally, you might want to cut corners and take an easy road by buying plays. Most newbies thread on this path only to have their account shut down, and their career came to an end when it had even barely begun. Buying plays is against SoundCloud policies and incurs deer consequences if you decide to do so. 

Try as much as possible to improve your audience through legitimate ways. Avoid buying comments, likes, and followers as this will negatively affect your growth.


As a beginner, it's important to thread on the right path if you want to be a hit on SoundCloud. Rather than buying plays, look for ways to market your Music even if it will take time for you to see results.

Date: November 18, 2019 / Categories: Tips, / Author: Disturbinsilence



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