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Hot Ways To Promote Your SoundCloud Tracks

Promoting your SoundCloud tracks is always a challenge, especially if you are a new artist. Here are a collection of strategies you can try out to boost the visibility of your latest tracks and draw in more listeners. 

Be heard “First on SoundCloud” 

Debuting in 2018, “First on SoundCloud” is the newest promotional tool the site offers for artists. One of its main features is the “First on SoundCloud” playlist that displays the latest tracks you’ve uploaded on the homepage. 

To join, you just need to tag your uploads with #SCFIRST in your metadata. Creators can also tweet their tracks using the #SCFIRST tag. SoundCloud will then randomly select tagged tweets to repost on its Twitter account. 

The site says that this gives greater exposure to the chosen artists. 

Beyond promotions, the program offers artists new opportunities for track monetization. By using the hashtag, you also submit your tracks for review and possible inclusion in the SoundCloud Premier program. This can be a faster way to enter the program and position your tracks better. 

Reach out to tastemakers

Getting the help of tastemakers will also do a lot of wonders for your promotional efforts. A tastemaker is anyone who sources music from different creators and then promotes the music to a wider audience. Producers, radio DJ’s, podcasters, and talent scouts are some of the common tastemakers. 

Before connecting with tastemakers, you need to know who to go to. Research about the particular personalities your target audience looks up to when it comes to music. Asking your fellow artists will also give you a lot of leads. 

Once you have a list of tastemakers, the next challenge is getting their attention. Here are some useful tips for increasing your visibility to them. 

  • Put out your best music regularly: Ensure that all the tracks on your SoundCloud page are your best in terms of artistic and technical aspects. Create a regular release schedule to increase your chances of discovery. 
  • Create your brand: Work on the visual presentation of your SoundCloud page and tracks. You need to consider your header image, profile image, and cover art. All should have a matching esthetic. This will help you stand out from the other artists being looked into by tastemakers. 
  • Get a representative: Get the help of music consultants or teachers to hone your content further. They can also vouch for your work and convince the tastemaker that you are a worthy prospect. 
  • Grow your following: This might seem obvious, but you should always focus on getting more fans. A burgeoning following is often enough for a tastemaker to give you a shot. 

Keep in mind that nailing these tastemakers’ approval requires a lot of time. When you do capture their interest, the resulting promotion for your SoundCloud tracks will be worth the effort. 

Collaborate with other artists

One challenge when promoting on SoundCloud is that you have to compete with other new artists. Turn this into your advantage by reaching out to and collaborating with these artists instead. Collabs let you tap into each other artist’s captive audiences and make your names more visible. 

Marshmello is an artist who has successfully used collaboration to leverage himself out of obscurity on SoundCloud to mainstream success. Here’s are collaboration between himself and Juicy J featuring James Arthur:

To prepare for a possible collaboration, listen to the music of other artists, and see how it would complement your own style. Use this as a pitch when engaging with them and presenting your collaboration idea. You also need to highlight what you can offer in terms of promotions. 

Once the collaboration is underway, be sure to hype your combined listeners continuously about the project. You can upload teasers on your individual pages, tweet at each other, and create all kinds of external social content together. Take advantage of the platform’s collaboration tools to ensure that your joint project will go as planned. 

These techniques are just some of the ways you can boost your SoundCloud promotions. Incorporate them into your overall marketing strategy, and you will soon find yourself attracting a steady stream of new listeners.

Date: August 6, 2019 / Categories: Getting Discovered, Tips, / Author: Disturbinsilence



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