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Get your SoundCloud tracks discovered

The advent of the personal computer revolutionized many industries, one of which was the music industry. With the personal computer, making music has become so much easier that it’s even possible to create music from the comfort of the bedroom. Throw in the internet as well and it becomes even easier to instantly share this music with the whole world, all at the click of a button. It doesn't come as much of a surprise, therefore, that music sharing sites like SoundCloud have become so crowded.

As an artist, trying to stand out and be heard from this crowd can be quite hectic. Let’s talk about ways you as an artist can optimize your tracks, improve your visibility and make your music much easier to find on SoundCloud.

Tricks to make your tracks easier to find

There are a number of tricks and techniques you can use to make your tracks easier to find. Trick number one is through the use of SoundCloud ads. SoundCloud offers artists the ability to advertise their tracks through a mixture of radio-style ads, native advertising and display advertising on mobile known as promoted tracks. Buying SoundCloud ads is an effective method of helping potential fans discover your music, and has been used by numerous artists with a lot of success. The only downside to SoundCloud ads is that they can get quite expensive, making this technique not so convenient for up-and-coming artists.

In order to find new fans and listeners, it’s important for you to spread the word about your SoundCloud profile. Forums and subreddits are perfect platforms for doing this. Posting links to your SoundCloud profile on various relevant forums and subreddits offers an easy way of gaining access to potential fans and listeners, especially considering that there are thousands of forums and subreddits out there that are purely dedicated to music.

Another important tactic for optimizing your music is to repost your track daily for the first three days. This is a SoundCloud hack that enables you to keep pushing your new track to the top of the list, boosting its chances of getting heard. To do this, you should go to track settings and set your track to private. You should then wait for about two minutes and toggle the setting back to public. Once you do this, your music will appear as a new track in the incoming tracks section. However, helpful as it might be, you should be careful not to overuse this hack. Overusing it might end up annoying your followers, and may lead to some of them to unfollow you.

Whenever you post a new track on SoundCloud, you should ensure that it is properly tagged. Tags are the keywords used to index music on the SoundCloud music discovery system, known as Explore. You should always make sure that every new track is tagged with all possible descriptions, including the genre of your music as well as the names of all producers and artists featured in the tracks. Proper tagging enhances your track's visibility and boosts your search ranking, making it more easier for fans and listeners to find your music on SoundCloud.

Another effective way of increasing your visibility and discoverability on SoundCloud is through buying plays and likes. Buying plays and likes on SoundCloud boosts your visibility by making it appear that users on the music-sharing platform are playing your songs regularly. When people see all the plays on your tracks, they’re going to want to play follow the leader and will thus help you to attract more real plays. Having music with low or no plays will give the unintended perception that the music is of poor quality, and as a result, users are less likely to play it. Buying SoundCloud plays and likes provides a very cost efficient way of boosting your track's visibility.

Best practices for buying plays

Buying SoundCloud plays and likes has become so popular with SoundCloud users, and as a result, several websites have come up selling plays and likes. However, some of these sellers are a bit shady, and therefore it can be a tricky affair choosing which seller to buy plays from. Before you commit your dollars to buy SoundCloud plays and likes, you need to evaluate the seller to ensure that you’re indeed getting your money's worth.

To evaluate the seller, you should find out the number of plays they offer for a particular amount of money, as well as determining whether they offer likes, reposts, comments and downloads in addition to the plays. Moreover, you also need to look at the quality of their customer support, their turnaround time, whether they offer extra marketing options and whether they have a money-back guarantee. 


With over 175 million unique listeners per month, the competition to attract ears on SoundCloud can be quite tasking, yet this is a service that no aspiring artist can afford to ignore. The tricks, tactics and hacks we have provided for you here will help you navigate the murky world of marketing yourself on SoundCloud, and if applied properly, they can propel you to success on the music-sharing platform. Go out, give them a try and find what works for you.

Date: April 29, 2016 / Categories: Getting Discovered, / Author: Viv



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