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5 Ways to Get More Plays On SoundCloud

SoundCloud is the largest platform for independent artists to launch their careers. It has revolutionized our understanding of online music distribution, making it easy for artists to get more reach, expand their fan base, and share their work to get more plays.

With over 50 million users on this platform, getting noticed and increasing play statistics becomes an impossible task for newbies. However, rather than giving up too soon, this article presents an in-depth method on how to increase plays, even if it means you are buying Soundcloud plays.

How to Get More Plays on SoundCloud: For Indie Artists

Use Promotional Tools To Buy Plays

While most people have resorted to buying plays to get into the “Rising Talent” chart, Buy plays have managed to legalize this concept. Instead of playing their roles behind the scene, they've stepped up to speak about what they offer. However, one reason why they remain most people's favorite is that they never disappoint. They deliver what they offer without any risk of the user landing in hot water.

In addition to plays, they also deliver likes, reposts, comments, and even reshare to your track. This keeps you from falling off the chart and protects you from moderators who might look to alter such activity.

While the habit of buying plays isn't something most moderators support, it's something SoundCloud has come to accept. There's been no penalty for this transaction as they fear they may lose users to their competitors.

Have a Clean Metadata

SoundCloud has a lot of algorithms that determine an artist's ranking on its platform. One of those is your metadata. While most new users take this space for granted, it may cost you some plays and even followers. Your track should be devoid of cryptic messages and should contain clear information that users can relate to. This information includes artist track and even Album.

SoundCloud has done justice by creating blog posts on how to choose artist name as well as the title for your song. A good title will be one that's clear to read. It doesn't contain numbers or characters and gives a hint about what the song is all about.

Further, SoundCloud advises all users to avoid circulating information that's displayed somewhere else, and they should also avoid adding track Number to a title before uploading. Not every user on SoundCloud is a content creator, and Record labels should include the artist's name and title when uploading a track. This information makes it easier for listeners to discover an artist.

In addition to your metadata, it's also advised to keep your profile clean. Avoid using pictures that are of low resolution, especially those that are a blur. All tracks should come with a cover as well as a description that gives users more information about the track. This includes Genre, background, and other artists that worked on the track.

Most importantly, every track should be well optimized with tags as this is to only way SoundCloud algorithm uses in the recommendation for listeners. Hence, if your track is appropriately tagged, you will get more plays even without Promotion.

Share Links

SoundCloud allows users to share private links to their work. This link comes handy if you want to share unfinished work with collaborators and to send demos to blogs and record labels. Sharing your private link gives your music the exclusive touch it's missing. Most times, this is helpful if you want to make any corrections or to struggle to figure out the missing element that will make it a hit.

Sharing your private link is quite easy, and it doesn't require a long process. Upload your track and set it as private. Save the track and navigate to your profile. Select the track you want to share and click the “share,” button to share with those that matter. The private link shouldn't be shared with followers at any time since the track is still a work in progress.

Apart from a private link, there's another type of link that can give you the exposure you want and even earn you a few dollars along the way. The “Buy” link can be added to your track after publishing to see listeners to a page where they can buy your music. Presently, Services like iTunes and Bandcamp allows you to generate links to sell your song.

Share Other Artist's Work

There's no room to get selfish on SoundCloud. This is a community, so lend support to other upcoming artists. If you want other artists to post your work, try to repost songs from the artist you're excited about.  This doesn't necessarily have to be your followers. There are newbies in your group who could use your help to improve their plays.

Apart from that, sharing other artist's work helps your audience discover a new sound. This move is a significant step to building a healthy relationship with other talented artists on this platform. A relationship that could lead to more shares, likes, plays, comments, and even collaboration.

Share Your Music to the World

Don't just wait for the likes to build up, and several strategies can help you increase play without breaking the bank. True! Using promotional tools and channels can improve your play in no time. However, for those using a pro account, this could be a financial burden. Your plan already limits your options, hence; take the step to share your track to the world.

Social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook is a useful tool for artists to get noticed quickly. Share your tracks in as many groups as you want. Rather than sharing your track to these platforms one after another, you can link all your social media accounts to your SoundCloud profile.

Hence, once you hit the share button, it's automatically published on all platforms at once.


Apart from Buy play, several tools can get you more play in record time. Despite how well these tools work, it's advisable to share your work yourself as this will help you build a healthy relationship with your followers.

Date: October 17, 2019 / Categories: SoundCloud Plays, / Author: Kam R


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