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Average rating:  
 3 reviews
 by reef jones
great service

they gave me some great exposure i want to say thank you publicly

 by TechnoViking
Soundcloud and Twitter services work in tandem like a social magic wand.

So, this one is going to be a doozy of a long one, but I promise it's worth your wait. Sorry, I am filled on BIG-A right now so my attention span and focus is literally off the charts at the moment, and I'm sorry if this is too long, but if you really want to know my personal experience with Devumi then this is for you. OK, let's dive right into this.

First, I started off this journey looking for a fast, cheap, and effective way to either growth hack the bejesus out of myself or find a cheap way to do something similar. I came across the very idea of buying SoundCloud plays and followers somewhere on the internet, so I started looking for reviews and other peoples experience with this whole process. Essentially, I found a lot of similar stories, essentially saying "Yes, it can work" but it really depends on who you buy from.

I ended up on another part of this website and found myself most comfortable with trying this out on Devumi, as they have been around the longest, and the few negative reviews I did find are so ridiculous and outrageous, it seemed more likely that they were fake negative reviews made by their competition.

Second, I started out with a really small order. I literally spent $10 on Soundcloud plays and then I waited to see if they rolled in. Sure enough, they did deliver 100% and it was great! But, this is still a small amount, perhaps they will have difficulty in dealing with higher numbers? Next, I spent about $50 on more plays and some followers. Once again, they delivered and I was pleasantly surprised at the quality, speed, and overall experience with it. Also, at this point, I found a coupon online and saved 10% of that $50 so that is even cooler. I waited about 1 whole month before trying again with an even bigger order. I have a lot of content that needs Devumus attention so that's perfectly OK.

Then, I decided it was time to flip the script a little bit, as I now knew that they could deliver on Soundcloud, but can they do the same on Twitter? Most people probably think they are one in the same, but that could not be any further from the truth. So, I got the URL for my Twitter profile and placed my first TWittre profile. I went ahead and got 5 thousand Twitter followers, and sure enough, like the previous experiences I had with Devumi, they delivered above and beyond what I was expecting!

The twitter followers were just as real as the SoundCloud followers and plays! In fact, each Twitter follower had their own profile pictures, unique bio's, and even links from the Twitter account to relevant content and pictures that match the same from their profile and media gallery. It's as if they either made a truly unique way of getting real people to follow suggested people, or they are running the best and most organic bot farms ever,

So, the followers were great and blew me off my seat, but the next part is probably my personal favorite: Automatic Engagement.

So, they have this side service called Automatic Engagements. It makes every tweet you get automatically likes and retweets within minutes of sharing! It literally makes you look like you have a highly active and involved audience and fan groups on Twitter!

THE BEST PART: the automatic retweets and likes PUSH your tweets up the chain of whatever hashtags you use! If you tweet using the biggest hashtag of the day, and you have a big retweets plan, you can CONSISTENTLY get to the top of the biggest Trends and get seen by MILLIONS of people on a daily basis! It's truly unreal! I know a lot of this is all about Social Proof, but this is insane... it's powerful... and it's automatic.

So, on my most recent encounter, I had to place a massive order for my newest SoundCloud upload. It was over one thousand dollars, so I was rightfully nervous. However, the actually delivered this too! The thing I bought was so big it took a few days to organically flow in, but it was great!

What are the bigger social economic effects of this entire industry? I don't know. I also don't know whats going to happen before all of this is so popular that everyone is doing it? I think we are already looking at it. I think a lot of people, and certainly, every politician, artist, and marketing guru have spent at least some time buying followers and engagement for the businesses their own business profiles.

At the end of the day, Devumi has consistently delivered everything I bought from them, and they have really made a huge difference to my life. Social proof is what they sell, and they do a great job at it. In my little world, my conversion rate is tied to getting people to listen to my music, and people are always more comfortable doing that when they arent alone.

 by Rap God
Rap God

Yep, I am officially looking like a Rap god now with their s*** from devumi, They got me a metric f*** ton of soundcloud pimpin asss followers and plays. Seriously, I cant believe it was that easy. I guess if I am smart enough to think of "hacking" my soundcloud by buying followers and plays, there are people smart enough to figure out a way to sell it and deliver it. I will be throwing a lot at this until I get big or until they fail to deliver. So far so good. This review is spot on.

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