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BoostYourSoundCloud Review

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About BoostYourSoundCloud

BoostYourSoundcloud is an online marketing company dedicated to boosting the popularity of your SoundCloud tracks and strengthening your SoundCloud credibility.

Aside from SoundCloud services, they also offer design services for album covers, show posters, club flyers, CD design, logo design, and more. Those are quite interesting features for a site offering social media services, which you won’t usually find elsewhere.

Their website also looks more modern and well-designed than most others in this industry, giving a sense of professionalism.

Service Plans

When it comes to SoundCloud services, BoostYourSoundCloud offers SoundCloud Plays, Comments, Reposts, Likes, and Followers. You can get a free trial of 60 Plays, which is a nice offer.

PlaysPlan Price
60 plays $Free Trial
250 plays $1
1,500 plays $5
5,000 plays $10
10,000 plays $15
25,000 plays $30
50,000 plays $60
100,000 plays $96
250,000 plays $240
500,000 plays $480
750,000 plays $720
1,000,000 plays $960

Add Ons

No Addons or options available

Terms and Guarantees

We reviewed the terms and conditions sections on the BoostYourSoundCloud website and made a few comments on their status below. To find out more details on these, then please toggle the sections to see what we thought!

  • Terms and Conditions
    • The company has a standard Terms of Service.
    • The delivery period on their site only serves as a guideline. They do not make any guarantee on how long the campaign will take to successfully complete.
  • Privacy Policy
    • They have a standard Privacy Policy.
    • They will not disclose your information unless forced to by law, or if you are found violating their Terms of Service.
  • Refund Policy
    • BoostYourSoundcloud’s Refund Policy is valid for 30 days upon purchase.
    • They offer a 100% Money-Back Guarantee for orders not completed within 30 days from purchase.
    • The company may provide partial refunds at its discretion.
  • Retention Policy
    • The company does not have a Retention and Replacement Guarantee at this time.

Customer Support
We got in touch with BoostYourSoundCloud to see how they would deal with our queries

Quality of Support

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Contact Methods

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Pre-Order Questions and Responses

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Post-Order Questions and Responses

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After your Order
What can you expect from BoostYourSoundCloud offer

Daily Turnaround Time

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Quality of Plays

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Average rating:  
 10 reviews
by Julius on BoostYourSoundCloud
Superb service

I will mention their customer support first since they really impressed me. Their services are top notch. The plays i ordered arrived on the same day in full. Thank you for keeping your word.

by Derrick on BoostYourSoundCloud

Customer support was fantastic. They answered every single question that we asked and not only that, they did so quickly. The plays were delivered to us on the very same day that we made the order which is a testament to their quick delivery.


Their customer support guys were really cool guys. They answered every single of my very many questions. The plays i ordered were delivered within two days placing my order. I will most certainly use this service again.

by Bradley on BoostYourSoundCloud
Good job

Their customer support team was amazing. They were quick to respond, they listened to us and did exactly as we had requested, The delivery was done fast within hours of placing our order.

by Jackson on BoostYourSoundCloud
Beautiful work

This is my third time dealing with these guys and i am sure it will not be my last. They keep doing an amazing job and for that reason i will keep coming back. They delivered my plays within the time we had agreed. They have a dedicated very efficient customer support team.

by Samantha on BoostYourSoundCloud
Brilliant work

I got my ten thousand plays in the agreed time. The customer support were really impressive and answered my questions well since i wanted to get clarity on a number of issues since it was my first time dealing with them. Thank you.

by Caren wallen on BoostYourSoundCloud
Happy customer

I got my plays on the same day I ordered them and within a week my soundcloud was buzzing. I've gotten a huge following from then on thanks to this service.

Tailor made service

The fact that I placed an order alongside instructions for soundcloud plays as well as subscribers, and received everything just as described, shows an outstanding service.

by Andrew on BoostYourSoundCloud
Quality comments

I was in need of SoundCloud comments under my tracks, and they did it quite well. I appreciate.


One of the tracks I bought plays for eventually went viral for a few weeks and I was just so happy!

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