Founded: 2015
Services: SoundCloud, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & YouTube
Methods: Private Network, Social Media Marketing
Price: $5 and up
Rank: #2
Expert’s Rating:
4 Stars

FastFollowerz – Our Review in a nutshell

FastFollowerz FastFollowerz, in business since 2012, is one of the best providers of SoundCloud services in the industry. They are professional, quick and fairly priced. While not perfect, they come through where it counts by delivering high-quality SoundCloud Plays, Likes and Followers quickly and without any issues. If they lowered their prices slightly and beefed up their Money Back Guarantee, they would have scored a perfect 5 stars. The speed and ease of ordering with FastFollowerz places them at #2 on our list for top 5 SoundCloud play providers.
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FastFollowerz’ In-Depth Review


Website Design and Usability

FastFollowerz has an aesthetically appealing and easy-to-navigate website. Their SoundCloud Plays page (which you can get to in their navigation menu) is very basic – only offering an order form. It does not provide any information about the service, how it’s performed, the turnaround time or even the guarantees. This is the only major drawback about their website. Fortunately, we’re here to explain it (which is a little odd for us considering we have more information about their service than they do).

FastFollowerz (6) Once you sign up for a FastFollowerz account, you also have access to their fully-featured account dashboard. This is a really great way to keep tabs on any and all orders you’ve placed, follow-up with Customer Service with any questions, or just learn more about the company as a whole.
Everything else is solid and their website works beautifully on both desktop and mobile.

Plans and Pricing

FastFollowerz (1)While pricier than the rest of our Top 5 list – Fast Followerz makes up for it with the wide range of package size options. Starting as low as $5 for 1000 plays (half a cent per play), FastFollowerz offers up to ONE MILLION plays for $1000 (1/10th a cent per play.)

At the time of reviewing, FastFollowers offers the following plans and prices:

  • 1,000 Plays — $4.99
  • 2,500 Plays — $9.99
  • 5,000 Plays — $19.99
  • 10,000 Plays — $29.99
  • 25,000 Plays — $49.99
  • 50,000 Plays — $99.99
  • 100,000 Plays — $199.99
  • 250,000 Plays — $399.99
  • 500,000 Plays — $699.99
  • 1,000,000 Plays — $999.99

We like the wide range of plans because it means you can scale better and meet almost anyone’s demand – very similar to Devumi’s package structure. The smaller than average starting plan and price of 1,000 Plays for $5 is a nice touch for entry users. However, FastFollowerz’ plans are pricer than other top providers for all but their 1 Million Play plan – almost double the price you’ll get for comparable service for most of their packages.

FastFollowerz also offers other SoundCloud services such as downloads, likes and followers. However, these must be purchased separately which may become inconvneicne if you want to order a complete package for a video (ie. Plays, Likes & Downloads for the same track).

Unfortunately, they are missing services for SoundCloud Reposts and Comments, which means FastFollowerz does not yet offer the full range of SoundCloud services we’d expect. They have informed us that these services are coming soon, so we’ll update this review when they do.


Turnaround Time

FastFollowerz is, in a word, fast. Our small test package was completely delivered within a day of purchasing. While larger packages may take longer to fulfill, FastFollowerz began filling our order within a few hours – they didn’t drag their feet at all.

This is compared to the average provider which starts delivering plays in about 2~3 days, and compared to the top 5 providers, which all typically begin within 1 day.

Ordering Process

FastFollowerz boasts a well-organized, streamlined checkout process. When you decide to check out, you’re taken to an order details page where you have to sign-up for an account with FastFollowerz. This is the only downside to their otherwise very quick checkout process. Once you’ve created an account, the checkout via 2Checkout and PayPal is simple and easy.
For ease of use, they even include a Customer Service telephone number during checkout, and localization options for quick and dirty currency conversions.

FastFollowerz SoundCloud Plays
FastFollowerz (3)


Customer Support

FastFollowerz (9)The support we received from FastFollowerz was quick and effective. Our initial screening questions were answered promptly and professionally, even though most of our answers could be found in the F.A.Q’s. FastFollowerz offers a fully-integrated support center right on the site itself. Common questions and concerns have easily accessible ‘Help Articles’ available, but if something stumps you prior to ordering, their 24/7 e-mail based support is actually available 24/7.

If your situation is urgent, you also have access to their phone-based support for any pressing account decisions, questions or issues. This is a very nice touch, and something you’d be hard-pressed finding with any other service.


Policies, Guarantees and Warranties

As befits a Top 5 service provider, FastFollowerz offers a 100% Satisfaction guarantee on all services purchased with them – with one caveat. If you purchase plays, they’ll only refund your purchase as store credit. While this position makes sense, it falls short of an unconditional guarantee – be aware of this.

They also boast a customer-friendly privacy policy. It includes promises to:

  • Only use your info to improve your customer service experience
  • Store your data safely on an encrypted server
  • Never share your info with a third party
  • Delete your data for 30 days of inactivity

These are excellent gestures of trust, and certainly helped boost FastFollowerz credibility in our eyes. Their dedication to client confidentiality is refreshing.


Final Thoughts

FastFollowerz (1)
At the end of the day, FastFollowerz represents a VERY solid choice for boosting your SoundCloud Plays. They are obviously committed to providing high-quality, customer-satisfying work, and it shows. With the minor exception of minor issues, FastFollowerz is an excellent company that provides an excellent service at a very cost-effective price point. Be aware though, that if for some reason you need to refund plays, you’ll be given store-credit, not a cash refund – which is our only real gripe with FastFollowerz.

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