Founded: 2015
Services: SoundCloud, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & YouTube
Methods: Bots and Traffic
Price: $6 and up
Rank: #4
Expert’s Rating:

AudienceGain – Our Review in a nutshell

Audience GainFor a comprehensive SoundCloud boost – AudienceGain can be the way to go. They have complete service offerings including comments and reposts for your SoundCloud plays, and the ability to boost your account with additional SoundCloud followers. Their overall pricing and plan structure leaves something to be desired, and their lack of an explicit Guarantee or Return Policy is worrying, but in our experience, the services rendered were of a high enough quality to land them on our Top 5 list. Overall, AudienceGain is good but not great.
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AudienceGain’s In-Depth Review

Website Design and Usability

AudienceGain’s website is well-laid out and easy to understand and navigate. Once you find yourself on the SoundCloud order page, your order options are easily laid out in descending order, with plenty of information regarding the actual execution of the order lying just beneath the order options.

We couldn’t find any broken pages or elements on the site, but if you carefully read the writing that is present across the site, it seems to indicate a non-native English speaking writer. With that said, the information provided is thorough and helpful – their F.A.Q page being an especially useful resource.

The mobile version of their site is also highly responsive and easy-to-use.

Plans and Pricing

Audience Gain SoundCloud PlanAudienceGain offers one of the most expensive SoundCloud services of any of the companies reviewed thus far. Their packages include:

$6 | 100 Plays | $.06 per play
$10 | 200 Plays | $.05 per play
$14 | 300 Plays | $.04 per play
$20 | 500 Plays | $.04 per play
$35 | 1000 Plays | $.03 per play
$65 | 2000 Plays | $.03 per play

Compound their higher-than-average price point with a smaller-than average maximum service size, and AudienceGain seems subpar when compared with a top-tier company like Devumi or FastFollowerz.

AudienceGain does, however, offer full-service options for SoundCloud – including Plays, Likes, Comments, Followers and Reposts. Not many companies can boast this strong of a line-up, and there are certainly advantages to using only a single company for your SoundCloud boosting needs.

Ordering Process

While only offering a PayPal checkout system would normally be a disadvantage, AudienceGain makes it incredibly easy to check out. After deciding to purchase a service package, you’re taken to an order page where you have the option to log-in or create an account with AudienceGain. While we couldn’t find any initial benefits to getting an AudienceGain account (besides the convenience on repeat business), the process behind registration was also very simple.

The PayPal checkout system was also easy to use – and the privacy provided by not needing to enter our details was also a huge benefit.

AudienceGain CartThe only issue we had with the ordering process was that of removing a package after adding it because they direct you directly to their checkout. To remove a package, you need to go to the Cart page (which took us a bit of thinking to figure out). You can find the link to the cart on the top right corner of the website.

Turnaround Time

AudienceGain worked quickly. While we ordered only a small package of SoundCloud plays (1,000 plays), a 24 turnaround time from order placement to completion is very good. We ordered on a Wednesday, so more than likely we received the benefit of a regular work week, but were pleased with the speed of turnaround. If you order on a weekend day, be prepared for the possibility that your time to completion may stretch a little longer than what we experienced.

AudienceGain Contact Page

Customer Support

AudienceGain offers a decent customer support experience, but it’s just that – decent. The F.A.Q’s and information offered on their website is enough that most people won’t have to contact them before buying with questions or concerns. However, contacting them with pre-sale questions gets you a pretty quick response. After reaching out to them, we received a personalized answer back to our pre-purchase queries within a day.

Unfortunately, AudienceGain only offers basic email support. This means no help desk, live chat or phone support. The only way to contact them is their extremely basic ‘Contact Us’ page on their website which isn’t as convenient as others but it does get the job done.

Average response time for an order question (after purchasing) is about 20 hours. This is better than the industry average of 28 hours, but well above the 8 hour average of the top 5 providers for SoundCloud services on our list.


Policies, Guarantees and Warranties

Thumbs-Down-CircleOur biggest qualm with AudienceGain lies with their complete lack of a documented Warranty, Retention Guarantee, or Return Policy of any kind. On the product pages, and in the course of our conversation with their support staff (See Above), it seemed like they were more than willing to replace any lost or low-retention services free of charge. This is promising, however they do NOT have a visible plan in place, nor do they have a formal refund, replacement, or privacy policy Terms of Service anywhere on their site. Regardless of their intentions, we cannot justify a rating above 1 star without some form of buyer protection.

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, AudienceGain has good potential and offers a good service. Their high price point and lack of consumer protection can be chalked up to growing pains – which we’re sure they’re working on fixing, but at the end of the day, they represent problems with the service. If you’re looking to buy SoundCloud plays, there might be other options better suited to your needs, though AudienceGain still serves a great purpose as a one stop shop for any kind of boost your SoundCloud efforts might need.

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