Real vs Fake SoundCloud Plays

No matter how talented you are, if your tracks on SoundCloud aren’t getting plays you might have a hard time gaining recognition. If nobody’s listening, all that talent is going to waste. Then you look at other users’ tracks, you listen, and wonder how… Continue Reading

The 9 Biggest Mistakes Musicians Make on SoundCloud

If you’re using SoundCloud as the primary marketing tool for your musical genius but still finding it hard to make any significant breakthrough, you’re probably doing it wrong. SoundCloud offers a wide variety of features for artists, but it’s up to you to use… Continue Reading

How SoundCloud Engagement Equals Success

These days, it’s easier than ever to launch a music career with the help of free apps and services like SoundCloud. There are already countless success stories of people who used SoundCloud to kickstart their path to stardom. While some have all the luck… Continue Reading

5 Big Artists Who Started On SoundCloud

Years ago, aspiring singers and musicians had a hard time getting their music out there for the world to hear. You might be the most talented, with the best composition skills, but you just didn’t have access to the tools and services you needed… Continue Reading

What To Do After You Buy SoundCloud Plays: Part 2

SoundCloud Promotion Tips Last week, we published Part 1 of What To Do After You Buy SoundCloud Plays: Tweaks and Tips for Your SoundCloud Account. Now that you’ve mastered the art of tweaking your SoundCloud account, it’s time for Part 2: Promotion. Yes, it’s… Continue Reading

Buy SC Plays Review 1

Buy SC Plays Review

In a Nutshell (TL;DR) Buy SC Plays is one of the most affordable SoundCloud plays providers in the market, with rates beginning at $3.00. On their website they claim to provide authentic and untargeted plays, but their quick turnaround time gives us the impression… Continue Reading

after soundcloud plays part 1

What To Do After You Buy SoundCloud Plays: Part 1

Tweaks and Tips for Your SoundCloud Account So you bought SoundCloud plays – now what? Most people might assume that buying SoundCloud plays is enough for their music career to start gaining massive recognition. While it can definitely give you the head start you… Continue Reading


I Bought You SoundCloud Plays

So you want to buy someone else SoundCloud plays? Buying plays for others may seem like an innocent and even generous gesture but if you don’t play your cards right, you might end up hurting someone’s career. There are hundreds of providers of plays,… Continue Reading


BuyCheapFollowersFast SoundCloud Plays Review

In a Nutshell BuyCheapFollowersFast is only an affiliate seller of social media boosting services. Their prices are among the lowest we’ve seen on the market today. The turnaround time was delayed and took longer than they advertised. Customer support was relatively responsive although you… Continue Reading


What Makes a Good SoundCloud Follower Provider?

There are a ton of musicians on SoundCloud today, chasing their dreams and scrambling to get exposure. What separates the big fish from the little fish? The number of followers they have, and the views on their tracks. Gaining followers can be a long and… Continue Reading